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The best solution here would be to eliminate the second lane altogether and replace that area with a pedestrian bump out. The two lanes are completely unnecessary - this is a city, not the entrance to a giant strip mall in West Haven. The current configuration creates the likelihood of a "multiple threat collision" and will almost certainly result in a pedestrian injury or fatality in the very near future.

I appreciate the spirit of your post, having seen several entire families narrowly avoid being run over and wiped out by speeding red light runners in recent weeks within this area. Speeding at your corner seriously erodes your quality of life and sense of safety.

Unfortunately a traffic signal might actually create more crashes, by encouraging people to run red lights. A more effective solution would be traffic calming, similar to what the city recently installed at Edwards and Livingston, or at any number of other intersections in the area. Traffic calming is also significantly less expensive than installing a new overhead signal.

The entire neighborhood needs a traffic calming master plan, similar to what other cities throughout the U.S. have done. New Haven is unfortunately far behind the times and as a result is missing a key opportunity to make its neighborhoods more walkable, livable, and attractive for families. A neighborhood plan would involve a strategic program of upgrades across a number of blocks which would result in a more attractive neighborhood as a whole, not just a few scattered improvements on a few blocks. In Fair Haven, the neighborhood passed around a hat and raised enough money to do a study in 2008, which proposed a detailed neighborhood traffic calming master plan for the eastern half of Fair Haven.

A similar problem, located a few blocks from your report, has seen some discussion on this as well:

Please visit and consider filling out a request form so that your intersection will be prioritized for improvements. Your Alderman can also help with this.

Also, some people say that traffic calming is expensive. The city has tended to pursue more expensive types of traffic calming (such as new curbs), but there are solutions like temporary curb extensions that are basically free if the city is willing to think outside the box and move forward more quickly. At the current rate, it will take approximately 600 years to improve the street grid - that is an unacceptable failure on the part of our local government.

Speeds are absurd throughout the city, and very little is being done to change this in a meaningful way. The city needs to issue more tickets specifically for neighborhood level speeding (not just for DUIs or speeding on major roads) and needs to ramp up its complete streets program. See for some background on this problem.
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An interesting story on violence reduction planning in New Haven.

Please keep posting ideas here and circulate this petition.

This seems like a duplicate issue, so I would recommend closing this and redirecting votes and comments to the existing issues.

If you disagree, just reopen this issue and keep commenting :) I agree with Juli that the delay is frustrating, as racks were promised by the New Haven Parking Authority long ago, and their (consultant, highly paid) engineers met with numerous citizen volunteers to obtain design feedback. Was the NH Parking Authority just trying to waste dozens of hours of citizen time and thousands of taxpayer dollars?

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