David Callaghan

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  • Pothole Archivé
    5 Daniel Road Hopkinton, Massachusetts - Hopkinton
    There has been quite a bit of utility work on Daniel Road over the past couple of years that has left the pavement in terrible shape. In addition, there is constantly water drainage issues on the street. I think it may require filling of sinkholes and movement of drains along with repavement.
  • 21 Meserve Street Hopkinton, Massachusetts - Hopkinton
    There is a significant drainage issue on Meserve Street between #19 and #21. The road is sloped East - West so the rainwater accumulates on the West side however there is only a single drain on the East side of the street. The is is causing a significant flow of water between 19 & 21 Meserve. Is it possible to install a drain on the low side of the street (West side) to prevent the accumulation of rainwater?