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  • 4 Bank St. Troy, NY - Troy

    There is no street parking on the south side of Bank St., but the new tenants at 4 Bank have as many as three cars parked in this very narrow street at any given time. It would be impossible for emergency vehicles, snow plows, etc. to make it through, and their neighbor across the street has a had a very difficult time entering/exiting their drive.

    The street is marked with 4-5 "no parking any time" signs (all new and legible), so ignorance is not the issue.

  • 8 Bank St Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy

    There is no parking on the south (even #) side of Bank street on this block, and it is clearly marked by three signs, but the signs are becoming so faded that they are now often not even noticed. It's a narrow street, and when people park illegally on the south side, it makes it difficult to get around them, and it's more difficult to watch for the several small children regularly at play on the block.

    Fresh signs would be a big help.

  • Prospect Ave Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy
    This year far more than years past, the very hilly roads of Highland, Prospect, Christie, and Bank have been pretty much ignored by salting and plowing trucks for the first 24-36 hours of recent snow storms. These roads are very steep, and very dangerous when neglected. Please consider making them a higher priority. Even just a couple inches makes them treacherous because of the steep grade.
  • 1519-1535 Bouton Rd Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy
    This road, right next to the Fire Dept, is down to one lane for both directions because of poor-to-no snow removal and RPI students parking in what is the lane of traffic. It's very dangerous for drivers, even worse because of all the students on foot out in the middle of the street.
  • Bank St Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy
    A truck parked on the side with no parking (between two no parking signs, no less) will not allow large vehicles like snowplows and emergency vehicles to pass. Constant issue on this street. Going to be a big problem once the snow starts falling and the plows start moving.