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  • 116 Alden Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Westville
    Still no pickup of trash. 116 Alden Avenue. Pick up spot is on the Edgewood corner of the house. Please acknowledge.
  • 116 Alden Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Westville
    A tree is blocking the traffic light as you come down Edgewood Avenue from Forest. There is also a tree blocking the speed limit sign on the right hand side of Edgewood coming from that same direction. Edgewood is already a speed way and these issues do not help.
  • 116 Alden Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Westville
    Edgewood Avenue is a speedway on good days but it does not help that the posted speed limit sign is blocked by hanging trees as you head into town from Forest. The trees at the corner of Alden and Edgewood are also starting to block the traffic light at that corner. Help!
  • Speeding Acknowledged
    116 Alden Avenue New Haven Connecticut - Westville
    Now that the weather has finally turned nice I am spending more time outside on my porch. A perfect perch to watch the city buses speeding down Alden Avenue, pausing at stop signs and speeding to the intersection at Fountain. If something isn't done to inhibit the speeding cars on Edgewood Avenue there is going to be a serious accident. We are blocks from a school with many neighborhood children and parents walking on Edgewood but this street has been turned into a speedway. Dangerous for all. The speed limit is 25mph. Who knew?? Obviously, not the race track drivers using this road. Trees blocking speed limit signs also need to be trimmed. HELP!!!!
    I realize that speed bumps are a nuisance to some but appear to be the only real deterrent to speeding as evidenced by their use in Beverly Hills. Forget the pork chops like they have installed on Chapel.
  • THANK YOU <3 Archived
    116 Alden Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Westville
    Thank you to the Plow Drivers in the City of New Haven!!! I think you have done a fantastic job of plowing the streets and helping to keep us all safe. Its a senior, I truly appreciate the help of a City plow driver this morning as I attempted to move them. I appreciate your long hours of hard work!
  • Broken Glass Archived
    Fountain And Ramsdell New Haven, Connecticut - Westville
    Obviously there was an accident at this busy intersection and there is glass everywhere. Would it be possible to have the area swept. Dangerous for car tires!
  • 116 Alden Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Westville
    While out walking on Edgewood Avenue I found a large Lord& Taylor box filled with shoes thrown on the sidewalk. It was not there an hour ago. The address is to the return department Woburn,Masachusetts . If this is your box let me know.