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  • Chichester Ave & Mill Rd Boothwyn, PA - US Congressional District PA7
    On Mill Rd on the shopping center side, the green light does not give drivers enough time to get onto Chichester Ave making left turn or cross over. It only stays green for very short time. When the banquet hall at the fire house has event and many drivers leaving the party the traffic gets backed up all because of traffic light gives drivers about 15 seconds to get out and that's about 3 or 4 cars at a time. Strange part is when there's traffic on the resident side the green light stays on longer. I work at one of the stores in the shopping center and get out using Mill Rd because left turn isn't allowed getting out of the shopping center and you have to use Mill Rd. I reported this to the township about a month after new traffic signal was installed and they say it was the department of highway's decision and then I reported to them and they say it was the township's decision. So the @#$% with it if the light turns yellow and then red when I'm there making left turn I ain't gonna wait and I keep moving but of course I only do that when it's safe. Anyone else see the the problem with the light's timing?