• 197-249 Putnam Street Hartford, Connecticut - Frog Hollow
    Appears that stop sign was toppled by plow truck. It's in the nearby park. Please fix -- this is supposed to be a four-way-stop intersection.
  • 183-275 Capitol Ave Hartford, CT - Downtown
    Walking east on Capitol Avenue, I noticed that the iQuilt wayfinding signs at the intersection with Lafayette /Washington is wrong. The sign claims that Union Station and Bushnell Park are straight ahead (east) when the arrows should be pointing left (north). For a local, this is no big deal -- laughable even -- but I don't think these signs are for someone who actually knows where they are.
  • 1260-1390 Park St Hartford, CT - Frog Hollow

    Residents were told that the reconfiguration of the Park Street streetscape would include well-defined bike lanes. Cool. It appeared that these were lined, with a nice buffer zone so that cyclists could ride safer. There were some problems with alignment. Then, the bumpouts near the Save-a-lot plaza meant that the bicycle lane abruptly ended.

    It gets more peculiar.

    Since the creation of the ridiculous small building close to Park Street, cars have been parking in what many residents were led to believe was in fact a bike lane.

    Granted, nobody got around to painting markings to indicate that this would be a bike lane, but why would there be on-street parking here when there is ample parking in the existing lot? Seriously. The lot is never more than half-full.

    I'd appreciate if someone could look into what the heck is up with this. Bad enough that the busway is trying to impede access for cyclists going we gotta worry about our east-west travel too.

  • Flower Street Hartford, CT - Downtown
    The Department of Transportation has decided that along with motorists, pedestrians and cyclists will also be unable to use Flower Street, perhaps as soon as this fall. They have disregarded the safety of pedestrians and cyclists by flippantly telling them to just use Broad Street or Sigourney instead, showing they have no awareness of the dangers those roads present to commuters not encased in steel. The City appears to have taken no position on this yet, despite the long-term damage this closure would cause for local businesses, particularly those on Capitol Avenue. More info:
  • 135-179 Russ St Hartford, CT - Frog Hollow
    The hole looks pretty deep. Right now it's not too wide, but this is going to cause real damage if ignored for too long.
  • Lawrence St Hartford, CT - Frog Hollow
    It is a disgrace that our elementary schoolyards are allowed to collect this amount of litter. Perhaps instead of hiring School Quality Officers and such useless positions, the HPS could prioritize cleanliness and hire more cleaning staff. This is NOT the first time this playground has been so filthy and it is not the only school in the district permitted to appear this way.
  • Deep Pothole Archived
    Homestead Ave Hartford, CT - Upper Albany
    It's hard to miss.
  • 550 Main Street Hartford, CT - Downtown

    Recently, and over the past year, Hartford's 311 service has closed issues on See Click Fix that are still very much open.

    Fortunately, SeeClickFix has a page that clearly describes when to and when not to close issues. It states: "You work for Public Works and have entered a SeeClickFix issue into your city's CRM system. Now the city officialy intends to fix that issue. You might think that this means you should close it on SeeClickFix, but closed means 'fixed' and not 'going to get fixed.'"

    Prematurely closing issues makes it so residents can't provide updates, can't post photos, and can't chime in. It also makes it look as if the City is working at an awesome speed, when really, this is not exactly the case.

    Be honest and close cases when they deserve to be closed:

  • Park Terrace -- Bankside Grove Hartford, CT - Frog Hollow
    The Bankside Grove area of Pope Park (west of Park Terrace, north of Park Street) is routinely used as a place for people to illegally dump construction debris. There are several piles of shingles and other materials down there. Lots of litter. Poorly maintained path. Additionally, there are many down trees that have not been dealt with.
  • 221 Trumbull Street Hartford, CT - Downtown
    There are designated spots in front of Hartford 21 where people get take their pets for relief. This is great in theory, but these areas completely stink. I'm assuming they are supposed to be cleaned somehow. You can be on the far side of the sidewalk and get hit with the stench. Given the proximity to the civic center, you'd think there would be an attempt to make this area more inviting.
  • Capitol Ave Hartford, CT - Frog Hollow
    Nine months ago a large hole in the pavement was reported ( ). This is technically on private property, but is part of a driveway shared with State workers. This is next to the vacant Hartford Office Supply. The issue was archived. It is still very much not fixed. Cones and sawhorses have been around this spot for about 9 months. It adds to the feel of blight on the block, which no doubt has a negative impact on the businesses nearby.
  • Trash in Pond Archived
    Jewell St Hartford, CT - Downtown
    There are several barrels and lots of litter in/on the Lily Pond in Bushnell Park. This could be removed before everything freezes solid.
  • Allen Pl Hartford, CT - Barry Square
    There are dozens of plastic cups and other remnants from a party strewn across the lawn of house on corner of Allen Place and Affleck Street. This is visible from both streets.
  • 397 Capitol Hartford, CT - Frog Hollow
    Major increase in loitering around relatively new "grocery." Lots of activity on this block that seems to be drug-related. Very bad for the other businesses when customers get approached by loitering people.
  • Park Terrace And Putnam Heights Hartford, CT - Frog Hollow
    Multiple trees are across Park Terrace in the area of Mortson Street and Putnam Heights
  • Trinity Street Hartford, CT - Downtown

    The original case --
    #105985 Graffiti on new memorial to union workers near arch -- was archived because someone was too lazy to fill in the blanks on the 311 end of things.

    There is a new memorial, as of a year ago, at the entrance to Bushnell Park off Trinity Street. This is not far from the Arch. The memorial is a giant bench. Anyone with vision can not miss it.

    There is graffiti on it. This has been there for months. It's toward the top of the memorial. Now, someone has added a sticker to it. Why? Because when we don't take care of our things, it seems like vandalism is okay.

    This is a very visible location. Instead of saying there is not enough info to use, have the DPW folks, who should know the park well enough, check this out while they are down there.

  • 1 57 Jewell St Hartford, CT - Downtown
    Once again, the pond is nasty with litter and leaves. Even some kids on a field trip commented that it was dirty.
  • 31 Sigourney St Hartford, CT - Asylum Hill

    This area is a mess! The pedestrian light is not prompted by a button, so a person might have to wait a long, long time for a safer crossing opportunity, or risk getting hit by a car traveling at a ridiculous high rate of speed as it exits the highway. Asylum Hill and Frog Hollow become utterly disconnected from each other because of this.

    1. Need crosswalk triggered by pedestrian
    2. Need better painted crosswalks
    3. Need infrastructure that tells drivers they are entering city streets and need not drive 65 mph anymore

  • Capitol Avenue Hartford, CT - Frog Hollow
    There is a long stretch of Capitol Avenue -- at least from Broad Street to Babcock -- that lacks trash cans. This area has several restaurants, food vendors, and coffee places, but people have no convenient place to toss wrappers/empty cups. This contributes to the blighted appearance of this stretch of road. The area leading up to our state capitol is visible and deserves better.
  • Riverfront Plaza Elevators Hartford, CT - Downtown

    The elevators at Riverfront Plaza stink of urine. If there were better bicycle access along Riverfront I could dodge this altogether.
    1. Elevators need to be cleaned regularly
    2. More ramps should be added so cyclists, people using wheelchairs, and those strollers can independently access this otherwise beautiful park.

    I'd include a photo, but until we have smell-o-vision, it's pointless.