Jaime Fearer

Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 955
  • Bicycles Archived
    550-598 E Street Northwest Washington, DC 20004, USA - Downtown
    Dangerous street grate directly in bike lane path (eastbound on E St. at the intersection with 6th), with slits parallel to bike wheels - can and should be upgraded to a bike-safe grate ASAP.
  • 400 K Street Northwest Washington, District of Columbia - Mount Vernon Triangle
    For *over a month* this utility cut has gotten larger and deeper. It's a hazard to all users - pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers: https://twitter.com/bogrosemary/status/378555913181073408 | http://www.waba.org/blog/?p=12481. The first time I biked over it *with no advance warning* the impact was so hard that my rear bike light unclipped from my bike and broke into pieces in the intersection.
  • 123 R Street Northwest Washington, D.C., DC 20009, USA - Bloomingdale
    The pedestrian crossing "beg" button is not working. Additionally, the time for cyclists to cross Florida Ave.during automobile light cycle is insufficient unless they mount the sidewalk first to press the beg button
  • Sign Missing Archived
    1225 Trinidad Avenue Northeast Washington, DC 20002, USA - Trinidad
    Sign has been missing from school zone flasher and one 311 ticket was closed with no action.
  • Sign Missing Archived
    1221 Trinidad Avenue Northeast Washington, DC 20002, USA - Trinidad
    The sign is missing off of the school zone flasher pole
  • 1300-1322 Neal Street Northeast Washington, DC 20002, USA - Trinidad
    school zone flasher turned wrong way
  • 1258 Owen Pl Ne Washington, DC 20002, USA - Trinidad
    Street light sensor appears broken; light on during the day.
  • 1403 Montello Ave Ne Washington, DC 20002, USA - Trinidad
    Constant trash dumping with no supercan, which then spreads across the alley. Has been reported as an issue numerous times.