Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 755
  • 2751 West Tienken Road Rochester Hills, Michigan - Rochester Hills
    Tienken Road East of Adams is a pathetic collection of poorly patched roadway that desperately needs to be resurfaced. It is in poor condition from Adams to the Paint Creek, but particularly bad between Adams and Potomac. I have a 4-wheel drive Ram 1500 with independent suspension and it is still jarring at 15 mph.
  • Potomac And Roseview Rochester Hills, MI - Rochester Hills
    Morning traffic uses this subdivision as a cut through to avoid traffic from Adams High school and Van Hoosen middle school. Excessive speeding is common. Unsafe conditions for children walking to school.
  • 795-999 W Tienken Rd Rochester Hills, MI 48306, USA - Rochester Hills
    This is a lengthy strip of pothole repair over repair over repair right in the tire track. This needs to be cut out and repaired properly. It's been this way for a decade!
  • 793 W Silverbell Rd Lake Orion, MI 48359, USA - US Congressional District MI9
    East bound lanes of bridge are blocked off. When will this be repaired and re-opened??