• Code Violations Acknowledged
    849 Livingston Ave Albany, NY 12206, USA - West End
    House is peeling numerous nails exposed wood is warped pieces falling off house, broken windows excessive debris around house. Huge hole in ground on side of house. Can't see how anyone is allowed to call this home house looks abandoned. Quality of life issues all kinds of animals ( raccoons skunks etc) live here as well. Being there neighbor is becoming very costly
  • Code Violations Acknowledged
    853 Livingston Ave Albany, NY 12206, USA - West End
    There's is an extremely large burrow hole underneath collapsing front porch. Called an exterminator due to the many skunks that reside in this property. So far 7 skunks caught in less than a weeks time and still counting. The smell is so foul had to leave home on several occasions.