Beverly Van Zyl

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  • Sidewalk Repair Acknowledged
    4429 Glenbrook Drive Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    I have contacted you several times since 2013 about the problems we have in Glenbrook Estates. You have came out and painted some of the raised, cracked sidewalks. You have stated that you WILL come out to repair and replaced the sidewalks in our neighborhood several times that I have talked to you on the phone. NOW it is 2016. Where are you? Why have the sidewalks been repaired? I have the repair numbers, and dates about the problems in the neighborhood. I have even talked to the north county supervisor about this. He said that we will have paved streets, the new sidewalks repaired or replaced, crosswalks, and the etc. We have not even got that. Now, when are you going to come out to do your job to repair and replace the sidewalks? Please do it before someone falls again. You knew about these problems since 2013 and have not done a thing about it. Now please do something. Contact me ASAP!!
  • 4429 Glenbrook Drive Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    Since Belcher Rd was built it is getting worse with the road noise and driving on Belcher Rd. We have lots of big trucks that speed and drive reckless. Is there in anyway you can put signs on Belcher Rd from Klosterman Rd going north and Alderman Rd going south NO TRUCKS!!! I know there are signs on Belcher Rd in other places. If all possible can you PLEASE do that? Thank you so much.
  • 4429 Glenbrook Drive Palm Harbor, Florida - Tarpon Springs
    I have contacted the county about this. We have several in our neighborhood that the sidewalks that are dangerous. They did come out and sprayed paint it and now the paint is fading. They need to come out to repair this soon before someone falls and gets hurt. Now, I have contacted them in November. Now it is December and no one has came out. WHY?