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  • Liberty Street New Haven, CT - Hill
    58 Liberty Street - prostitute living their with a young child. Has her johns pick her up at the corner of Liberty and Carlisle. Young african american female, mid 20's, Dirty blond hair, light skinned always hanging at 64 Liberty Street (KNOWN DRUG DEALING THERE!!!!)....64 Liberty Street. has guys and girl coming in and out purchasing and selling. African American guy probably mid 30's ALWAYS had a baseball cap on. Don't have the faintest idea why there has not been a crackdown on this in the last 2 years that we've put up with it.
  • Liberty Street New Haven, CT - Hill
    So I saw that an issue regarding a BIKE RACK was acknowledged by a city department but something as serious as drug dealing in our neighborhoods is not? What is wrong with this picture? Give me an answer!
  • Drug dealing Archived
    Liberty Street New Haven, CT - Hill
    Drug dealers living at the brick building on the corner of Liberty Street and Carlisle. They work with the drug dealers living at the white and blue dilapidated house 3 doors up.
  • 744 Chapel St New Haven, CT 06510, USA - Downtown
    Police Cruiser 111-NH ran a red light at the Chapel and State Street intersection. This cruiser crossed over 2 lanes from the left and passed this intersection. Oh, and no flashing lights, so i think it's safe to say that there was no emergency. What a daggone shame. I'm sure if you see the video, it'll check out. Oh, since I am such a busy person, this actually happened at about 8:41 a.m. on Friday the 18th.