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  • 2910 Pelham Road North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Jungle Terrace Civic Association
    Mangroves continue to be cut illegally. This was reported last year and no one from Watershed came out. Again it was reported on See Click Fix last week and there is no record of this issue in your system, although the City of St. Pete states they reported it. I am reporting it one more time as more mangroves were cut this weekend! The property is considered a Civic Association. It's at the end of 29th Ave N on Boca Ciega Bay. There are 2 streets that commonly own the property. Unfortunately someone in the neighborhood continues to cut mangroves without permit.
  • 8228 29th Ave N St Petersburg Fl - Jungle Terrace Civic Association
    Disgusting water coming from pipes! We have reported chronic issues with our main. I've even written our Councilman, Charlie Gerdes and no one does anything about it. This water is coming out of the pipes yellow as you can see the faucet is running.
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    8144 23rd Ave N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Jungle Terrace Civic Association
    The City is working on replacing the residential sewer line behind our homes this week. I told Dale and Tony Seufert that I would wait a week to have my fence put back because they needed to dig out trees and asked me if I would mind waiting. They told me that they would put my wood fence inside my property line which would require pulling out a few pavers around my pool. I agreed and said I would work with them to make their job easier. After the bull dozers and bobcats were gone, I asked them to put the fence back. I currently have an orange tape fence that is neither secure or in compliance with code because I have a swimming pool. The dirt is coming into my pool potentially damaging my new pool pump and filters. Tony told me they threw out my fence. Dale came back this morning and was putting a black cloth over the plastic tape. Any small child or teenager can easily step right over the fence and drown in my pool. I find this situation unsatisfactory. I agreed to work with them and now I am being rewarded with a fence that won't hold my dogs, will cause large amounts of dirt to get in my pool, and is a public safety issue. I will contact my insurance company today to find out what my liability is because I am concerned that if someone gets in my yard, I will be responsible, even though the City moved my fence.
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    8144 23rd Avenue North Saint Petersburg, FL 33710, USA - Jungle Terrace Civic Association
    Tree removal permit status requested. I sent in $40 to renew my permit but never heard back I also called and emailed for an update last week but I didn't get a return call. I am only renewing a permit to remove the tree in my yard. I all ready planted seven new trees.