CA Open Space Mgmt

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  • 6520 Freetown Road Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    The trash can at the bus shelter is overflowing and trash is littering the shelter, roadway, sidewalk right of way sod. Please schedule routine emptying of this trash can as this is a high traffic area and the trash piles up quickly.
  • Gracious End Court Columbia, Maryland - US Congressional District MD3
    The roadway median "turf" is unkempt and need of attention as it currently is an eyesore and no grass is growing other than a few weeds..
  • 11401 Little Patuxent Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    Someone dumped a mattress and box spring along the roadway. Reported by Tequila Terry 410-258-1502.
  • Tree Concern Archived
    12067 Little Patuxent Parkway Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    Downed tree from 12067 Little Patuxent Parkway onto Howard County abutting property. Root ball is still in homeowners yard but bulk of tree fell into Howard County open space and took out other trees. Tree debris may be in stream. Resident name Myron Berman 410-740-4589
  • 6104 Stevens Forest Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    A sidewalk/pathway from Owen Brown Road leading to a crosswalk across Stevens Forest Road has adjacent turf that is not being mowed or maintained. The unkempt area appears to be part and parcel of the County road right-of-way, and residents are asking the County to mow and maintain this turf.
  • 8501 Black Star Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    A resident reported a yellow pole-style utility marker (may be BGE gas line marker) is laying on the roadway sod between Window Latch Way and Black Star Circle.
  • 6605 June Apple Court Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    An area of the pathway near 6605 June Apple Court is flooded, muddy and slippery.
  • Unnamed Road Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    A resident complained about all the trash in the woods behind Century Plaza commercial center and Wilde Lake HS, and wants the trash removed.
  • 11160 Oakenshield Circle Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    Please check roadway storm drain inlets to make sure they are clear. Water is ponding and freezing along the open space area off the road between rear of 111563 Wood Elves Way and 11160 Oaken Shield Circle.
  • Pathway Off Oakland Mills Road Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    A resident reported a downed tree obstructing the county-maintained pathway off Oakland Mills Road near the community gardens.
  • Quarterstaff Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    A swarm of bees and bees nest are in the roadway drain box culvert at the intersection of Martin Road and Quarterstaff Road. An elementary school is adjacent to where the bees nest is located and the school students use this sidewalk as a walk route to school. A person has already reported being stung by bees from the roadway drain.
  • Rain Flower Way & Murray Hill Road Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    Clear roadway storm water inlet drains along Rain Flower Way and Murray Hill Road as the intersection is prone to flash flooding along Murray Hill Road and Rain Flower Way during rain events.
  • 10150 Spring Pools Lane Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    The County repaired a broken water main supply line on Spring Pools Lane, and the temporary asphalt patch to close the roadway has sunk below grade. Please repair the temporary patch that sunk below the roadway grade.
  • 9071 Snowden River Parkway Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    Please clean-up trash and litter along the roadway areas of Robert Fulton Drive and Snowden River Parkway
  • Patuxent Branch Trail Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    A resident requested that the overgrown grass/vegetation along either side of the pathway from the iron bridge to Lake Elkhorn be mowed and cut back to allow for clear egress and ingress of pedestrians and bikers.
  • Tree Concern Archived
    6224 Bright Plume Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    The tree next to the street next to the right side of driveway, is mostly dead and is dropping limbs.
    Thank you for your help.
  • 7150 Cradlerock Way Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    Water is bubbling up out of the ground between 7080 Cradlerock Way, and the HoCo Police Substation, behind the tennis courts, near the pond.
  • Sidewalk Concern Acknowledged
    Hickory Ridge Road And Cedar Lane Ellicott City, Maryland - Columbia
    At the corner of Hickory Ridge Rd & Cedar Lane on the side where our Clary's Forest sign is located the yellow ADA marking pad at the crosswalk has been removed and is leaning against the street light signal. I think this is a County issue.
  • Graffiti Archived
    Lake To Lake To Lake Trail Columbia, Maryland - Columbia

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: Joel Brute
    Date: Thu, Mar 9, 2017 at 11:07 AM
    Subject: Pictures of Vandalism

    To Whom it may concern,


    My name is Joel Brute and while I was crossing the pedestrian bridge bridge that pass over the I-29, and also connect the area of Stevens Forest Rd to the Lake Kittamakundi, I came across some signs of vandalism, which pictures are attached to this email.

    Be also aware that those graffitis are not only specifics to that named location, but also on the Grande Pointe Apartment complex, which is located just off this bridge.

    Thank you for your time and God bless you.

    Mr. Joel Brute

    "Music's only purpose should be for the glory of God and the recreation of the human spirit"
    J. S. Bach

  • Great Star Drive Clarksville , Maryland - Columbia

    A resident reported a possible clogged storm drain culvert that traverses under Great Star Drive between Countless Stars Run and Fall Moon Ride.

    Please check and clear the storm drain inlets/outlets and contact the resident.
    Tony Manaji 336-210-0586
    6012 Countless Stars Run