Twelfthavenue Minneapolis

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  • Abandoned Car Archived
    4225 12th Ave S Minneapolis, MN - Northrop
    An abandoned car with all windows down, has been sitting on the street for 9 days now. It was reported via the City's website on 2/2 with ref # 101000322116, but it is now 4 days later, and the car is still there. It is actually blocking sidewalk access to the street. Please help. Lic # LUA 615 grey 4 door sedan.
  • 4745 Cedar Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55407 - Ericsson
    There need to be a yellow curb (no parking) in front of Caribou on Cedar Avenue, as the traffic trying to turn left into the Super America and Carbone's/Cork Dork narrow the lanes so much that when cars park on the curb in front of Caribou, the possibliity exists that a car parked there will get rear-ended there.
  • 4745 Cedar Ave 55407 - Ericsson
    There needs to be a center turn lane median for traffic to turn left into the Super America and Carbones/Cork Dork/Anna's Tailor Shop when you are heading north on Cedar and a left turn lane into Super Value and Caribou Coffee heading south on Cedar. It is becoming very dangerous, as there is not a clearly marked turn lane here and cars speed by/honk at cars trying to turn into these businesses.
  • 4342 12th Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55407 - Northrop
    The sidewalk is heaved up at the following addresses: 4320 and 4328 12th Ave S, and also at 4300 13th Ave, on the 43rd Street side.
  • 4300 11th Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55407 - Northrop
    The sidewalks have heaved up need repairing at the following house numbers: 4208, 4224, 4313, 4329 and 4341 11th Ave S
  • 4232 12th Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55407 - Northrop
    There are scrub trees growing around the entire perimeter of the front yard chain link fence at this abandoned property. I took a look at cutting them down myself, but they are so thick and deep, you need a chain saw. Please help -- notify either Countrywide Mortgage Bank to do so (oops - are they in existence anymore?) or the city to cut them down please... The yard looks like something out of the Adams Family movie.