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Street Team is taking care of this now. Thank you so much!!!
Street team is taking care of it now. Thank you so much!
Issue Closed
Street Team is removing it now. Thanks GUYS!!!!! You rock.

One of several sitings in the last month, this one I happened to catch on camera (4/29/11). Dog crossed the road and a car had to swerve to avoid hitting him.


Several people have politely attempted to speak with the owner only to be met with anger and he refuses to keep his dog locked up.

It's not just the dog's life at stake here. If someone dies because they swerved their vehicle to avoid the dog, then what happens? A life lost is a life lost. Sorry to be angry in this post, but the surrounding neighborhood is sick of this owner and his belligerence.

As of today, Market has been hit with more tags. Picture attached.
Walked by this area today. There seems to be some movement on the part of the property owner or someone else. Wood has been moved, and some dirt has been placed in the hole. Area is still full of trash and broken furniture.

Walked by this area yesterday. There is a child's bike stored ON TOP OF the unsecured plywood which is above this hole. The area is filling with trash.

Property owner needs to be informed!!!!

Store owner informed me today he will be installing a camera pointed directly at this area of his market. I suspect @#$% have the taggers on tape soon.
My apologies. Wrong Photo. Here is a photo of the street tags.
Los Angeles has yet to fully incorporate the usefulness of seeclickfix. When they do, I'm sure there will be a faster response, however at this time it's hit or miss.
Tagged again recently as of two days ago, but I was late in reporting this.
Infantile Aggressors aka douchebags have struck again multiple times. Market wall covered in tags.
Calling 311 might help make them disappear faster, you just have to wait on hold a bit.
Issue Closed
Cement access panel has been replaced and trash gone.
There is now a twin mattress and a patio umbrella dumped near the driveway of this property.
Quite pleased to see that the graffiti is gone from the market and it's only one week later. It would be interesting to see how long the corner goes without being tagged.
There is no longer any trash on this corner, however DWP placed an unofficial cover (a piece of wood that looks like a table top) over a DWP access point and then covered it with a an orange cone. I understand DWP might want to protect people from tripping, however this does not look official and is potentially unsafe.