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  • Troy, NY - Troy

    Last Sunday morning I'm sitting at my kitchen table reading the paper. I look up and see a man outside on my patio!

    My patio is in my backyard, behind a normally locked fence & gate and then down a flight of stairs. No one should ever be on my patio unless they've been invited. He's lucky that my dog wasn't outside. He'd have been bitten for sure.

    I politely ask the stranger what he was doing and he presented a city of Troy laminated "badge" and said he was from Gar associates and was doing a reassessment on my home and property.

    I guess Troy figures we all not paying enough taxes currently and want to charge us all more more more.

    I didn't appreciate this guy making his way on to my property without ringing the doorbell or knocking on the door.

    And, I'm sure I won't appreciate it when my property/school taxes go up as a result of the reassessment.

  • 2798 15th St Troy, NY 12180, USA - Frear Park
    I have to comment on the fantastic job done with the fountain at Frear park entrance off Oakwood ave. It looks spectacular! Kudos to the folks who brought that old fountain back to life!
  • 24 Maple Ave Troy, NY - Troy

    Watching the news tonight and saw that 24 maple ave caught fire. The fire cheif said on camera that the fire trucks could not get down the street so it took them a few extra minutes to get to the fire.

    If Troy had actually removed snow throughout the city like other cities do, this would not have been an issue.

    I'd like to hear from some firefighters about the current condition of Troys streets.

  • South Troy Troy, NY - Troy

    This is similar to when people put chairs, safety cones, garbage cans and other obstructions in the on-street public parking areas to save "their" parking space.

    This is a big phenomenon in south troy and it's spreading to other areas. Gotta nip it in the bud!

    What gives these people the idea that they are entitled to that public parking spot and it's OK to save it by placing something in the road????

  • 10 Oakwood Ave Troy, NY - Troy

    2 weeks ago the ignition was punch out of my motorcycle and it was stolen right from in front of my house.

    The police that responded said there have been a rash of property thefts recently. Cars, trucks, motorcycles and house break-ins.

    2 days after my motorcycle was stolen, there was a news story on news6 about all the crime in Rensselaer county.

    Has anyone else been a victim and has anyone heard if there have been arrests so we can feel a little safer again?

    If you happen to see the scooter riding around, please call the police.