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  • Everywhere Red Deer, AB - Red Deer
    Am I the only person who finds that Red Deer's roads have fallen into a great state of disrepair? I've lived in this city since 1988, and I have NEVER seen the streets and roads in such poor shape. There are pot holes and sunken excavations EVERYWHERE. The City seems to be going at the repairs piece-meal: I saw that they repaired some of the pot-holes the intersection of 48 Ave & 43 St.... but they missed the truly ugly pot hole 1/4 block north in the NB lane of 48 Ave! Now, I understand that the bureaucracy demands a certain amount of accountability with work-orders and labour/material allotments and what not, but common sense tells me that we could better utilize our resources than to dispatch a work crew to a specific area to patch one pot hole but ignore one immediately adjacent. Do we really need to attack this issue on a piece-meal basis? Do I really need to report each and every pot-hole here in "SeeClickFix" to have this addressed?
    The real question I have, and I'd love to hear the City address this, is this: why has this been allowed to happen? What's changed? What is it that allows the management of this City to let this state of affairs arise?
    It seems to me that this City needs to get its house in order. Spending money in areas that seems frivolous (read: unusable bike lanes and "Little Gaetz") while sacrificing basic household maintenance (read: snow removal and road/infrastructure maintenance) seems rather spendthrift to this voting taxpayer.
  • 59 St At Gaetz Intersection Westbound Lane Red Deer, AB - Red Deer
    There's a nasty little pot hole in the southernmost lane heading west at the intersection of 59 St at Gaetz Ave. I'm pretty sure this thing is already a couple years old and, like most pot holes in this city, nothing's been done about it in some time. Does this city really need us to report this stuff? I mean really, the city's gotten pretty lax about our road maintenance lately. I wish I could list all the pot holes in this city that were never repaired.