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  • Whitney And Mount Carmel Hamden, Connecticut - Hamden
    The traffic light at Whitney and Mount Carmel should be updated so that it can be activated by a bicycle rider. Currently, riders traveling south on Whitney planning to turn left onto Mount Carmel do not activate the left turn arrow. This intersection sees a lot of bicycle traffic because of its proximity to the canal trail, Sleeping GIant, Quinnipiac, Cheshire Cycles and other areas of interest.
  • Parks Request Archived
    307 View St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Cedar Hill

    There's a large tree down across the Orange trail at East Rock Park, not far above the trail head on English Drive near Rock St. It's an obstacle to hiking and mountain biking.

    I know there are some local users of the park who frequently do maintenance and cleanup but recently they were cutting up a downed tree across the trail with a handsaw and were told by the Parks Dept. to stop. Is there a policy that prohibits this kind of thing?

  • English Drive New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    Found on one of the trails near Indian Head in East Rock Park: a ring of keys. They have very distinct keychain. Contact me at if you think they're yours and I'll get them back to you.
  • Other Archived
    195-199 Elm Street New Haven, Connecticut - Downtown
    FOUND: On Sunday, November 23rd, about 7:00 p.m. a musical instrument in a case on the side of Elm Street, across from Battell Chapel and between High and College Streets. If it's yours, let me know.
  • 369 Main Street West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven

    SeeClickFix is a great tool for community engagement and communicating with local government. Municipal officials in New Haven use it routinely; in fact, it's become their standard issue reporting and work tracking tool. West Haven should do the same.

    Please vote and/or comment to 'fix' this issue and let's form a group and organize a meeting with Mayor O'Brien to discuss ways in which West Haven government can be more responsive to city residents.

  • 365 Kimberly Avenue New Haven, CT - Hill
    The Kimberly Avenue Bridge connecting West Haven and New Haven has snow piled high on the sidewalks on both sides. This bridge is the major pedestrian route between the two cities. The roadway is an absolutely unacceptably dangerous alternative as it has high-speed highway traffic on both sides. Please clear the sidewalks ASAP and figure out some way to coordinate between West Haven, New Haven, and the state (as I think this is a state road) to make keeping these sidewalks clean during snowstorms a priority.