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    322 7th St New Westminster V3M 3K8, Canada - New Westminster
    If you remove the tree barricade fencing in order to bring your excavator into the area, you’ve done something you’re not supposed to. This is the apartment building that was recently renovated, and still has a fairly messed up sidewalk as a result of that. But this report is related to the excavator in the tree protection area
  • 765 Columbia St New Westminster V3M 1B6, Canada - New Westminster
    The light is down and in the road.
  • Damaged Sign Archived
    70 8th St New Westminster V3M 3P1, Canada - New Westminster
    Soldier down.
  • 651 Carnarvon St New Westminster V3M 1C9, Canada - New Westminster
    Just checking - these trees are gone. Was that purposeful? Curious why.
  • 515 Columbia St New Westminster V3l 1b1 Canada - New Westminster
    Is it a bench to sit on or a stationary device to secure one’s business sign to? I think it’s a compromised bench - rendered unable and uninviting to sit on.
  • 805 Agnes St New Westminster V3M 1H3, Canada - New Westminster
    This portion of sidewalk has been unfinished for some time. There’s a pile of bricks that are on the side being overcome by weeds.
  • 322 7th St New Westminster V3M 3K8, Canada - New Westminster
    At this moment, for the renovation of the building/apartment, the contractor has parked a forklift on the sidewalk. There is an any support or signage for pedestrians, and I’ve had to watch several people squeeze by on the sidewalk to pass through. They probably should have got permission to park on the street and forklift it from there.
  • 322 7th St New Westminster V3m 3k8 Canada - New Westminster
    Several months ago, in the spring, when it was wet, the apartment building, which was being renovated, had a delivery of sheet rock for their renovations. In lifting the material into the apartments, the delivery equipment was parked on the sidewalk and I observed how it broke the sidewalk at that location.
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    314 7th St New Westminster V3M 3K7, Canada - New Westminster
    We’ve got a developing set of holes on the sidewalk.
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    610 Blackford St New Westminster Bc V3m 1r6 Canada - New Westminster

    Dangling wire from pole.

    In front of 703 Walmsley

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    311 Ash St New Westminster Bc V3m 5x7 Canada - New Westminster
    Found a couch on the boulevard
  • Third Avenue New Westminster, BC V3L 0C9, Canada - New Westminster
    Chair and mattress.
  • My First Car Third Avenue, New Westminster, BC V3M 2A5, Canada - New Westminster
    Abandoned mattress.
  • Walmsley Street New Westminster, BC V3M 3K3, Canada - New Westminster
    Mattress has been here about two weeks.
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    620 Blackford St New Westminster, BC V3M 1R6, Canada - New Westminster
    Wire dangling from utility wires - that was longer and then shortened but not removed
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    314 Seventh St New Westminster, BC V3M 1R6, Canada - New Westminster
    Drainage issue! Construction crew for the sewer lines left construction materials blocking the access to the drain, and it's flooding into the adjacent yards!
  • 314 Seventh St New Westminster, BC V3M 1R6, Canada - New Westminster
    The storm drain is blocked with construction materials, from the Watermain project. no water is able to pass through.
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    812 Columbia St New Westminster, BC V3M 1B9, Canada - New Westminster
  • 14705 Walmsley St New Westminster, BC V3M 1R4, Canada - New Westminster
    Missed recycling pickup yesterday. Probably due to some road works. We've left the bin out on Walmsley Street, north side between 7th and Ash. Neighbours skipped too.
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    611 Blackford St New Westminster, BC V3M 3K9, Canada - New Westminster
    Peter Leblanc 604 724 6538 hi, with the sudden rain that came today, the construction staging is sending the water in an unusual path, which is pushing it into and towards local homes. Can they adjust the way they do the staging to permit for continuous drainage