J S Braun

  • Pothole 打開
    3816 Brighton Ct Alexandria, VA 22305, USA - Potomac West
    A large shallow pothole about 2 feet in diameter has been forming over last few months and is getting worse with every rainstorm washing away more of the surface
  • 1533 28th St S Arlington, VA 22206, USA - Long Branch Creek
    During summer 2010, 28th st south (22206) was dug up for water line repair. The road was never restored to pre-construction conditions. Sections of the curb have yet to be replaced. Large potholes exist filled with construction equipment. And with the weather as it's been, the road surface has become extremely uneven and bumpy. Please restore to pre demolition condition.
  • 4218-4300 Glen Eagle Dr Columbia, MO 65203, USA - Columbia
    Multiple pot holes over 5" deep in a row preventing any way to avoid hitting one