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Can you guys install LED Lights. They last longer and are much brighter the that we currently have. just a suggestion.
Contact CPD. But go to office and speak to narcotics unit. I did that because dispatch does not really care.
I did that on Crownview Dr. there was these knuckle heads doing there deals. But I always stay on top of my neighborhood.

This needs to be reported to CPD and if they are not doing anything. You guys can contact Riverside County Sheriff Narcotics Division. We had an issue in my area at Brentwood Park on the Dawnridge side. We need to report these issues to PD's so they can initiate investigations. All these knuckleheads need to understand that this is our neighborhoods and our kids live and play around these areas. So, report, report, report.

And thank you all that are already doing so.

How do you know they are from Mexico and not from another country? To leave these type of ignorant comments you should get educated.
I know that the city is not tripping about the brown grass but they are making a fiss about dirty, and unmaintained lawns (weed lawns)
can you upload the letter that was sent to you? so we can see it. Thank you.