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  • 111-145 Morse Avenue West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    "Best practices" for turf management includes avoiding the top killer of lawns: overwatering. But somehow that message, something we in the agricultural field have known and shared (or tried to, to those who will listen) with stakeholders for over 30 years, still has not sunk in here in West Haven. Sprinklers routinely going in the ball fields when the water is clearly not only not needed, but will -- I guarantee it -- compromise the health of the grass. They have the sprinklers on timers, and though there are staff there right now -- 8am on Tuesday, June 18, -- they won't override them. It's just a lose-lose-lose: increasing the incidence of root rot in the grass (ever pull a plant out of waterlogged pot and seen and smelled how foul the roots are?), flushing fertilizers and pesticides into the beleaguered Old Field Creek that runs through the park, and costing taxpayers money for water. It rained 1/8" last night, and in the past week we've had 9" of rain. It's going th rain this afternoon. Lawn management companies -- the less scrupulous ones -- capitalize on this by setting sprinklers to water too often, then charging customers for the fertilizers and pesticides they wouldn't need but for all the watering they convince their customers is essential. The condominiums on Beach St next to Stowe's are a perfect example of this: their lawn looks like crap, and the sprinklers are on even in the rain, no doubt flushing God knows what toxic brew of pesticides and fertilizers, right into the storm drains which then carry that mess into the Sound, right across the street. I have a gorgeous green lush lawn that I never water, and never fertilize. Hmm.
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    81-107 Anderson Avenue West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    Anderson ave, morse ave, Noble... No plow seen
  • 46-212 Beach St West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    This storm drain was clogged during Irene. For some reason it was ignored during the repairs this past late spring. Directly opposite Chick's front doors, drivers often drive thru the standing water (which likely breeds mosquito), splashing pedestrians. Come winter, this will freeze over, and as cars speed around this bend (speed enforcement is NONEXISTENT on Beach St), they put pedestrians, cyclists, and other drivers at risk.
  • 45-211 Beach St West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    After ball games players hang around in the parking lot drinking large quantities of beer. Often but not always they leave behind cans and bottles, sometimes tossed onto the grass, and they also litter. Alcohol is illegal, as posted by the WHPD on their new signs. More troubling is the thought that that some # of these people may be driving while intoxicated. With their littering and flagrant disregard for the law, they're certainly not setting a good example for the kids in the skate park.
  • 111-145 Morse Ave West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    This is west haven's responsibility and yet year after year they ignore it allowing the weeds to overgrow making the sidewalk inaccessible to pedestrians, forcing them onto the street and putting them in harm's way. Public Works knows about this because its adjacent to the city's biggest ball field complex, and they mow the grass strip. Were this a private residence or business they could be cited. Another case of "do as we say not as we do".
  • 42 Morse Avenue West Haven, CT - West Haven
    These residents put their trash out a day late, and it still sits there, as birds and other critters tear into it, and leave trash all over the street. This house is 1/2 block from the Sound, so where do you suppose this garbage is going everytime it rains? The residents and/or the landlord should be fined on several counts.