• Other Archived
    1630 North 30th Street Richmond, VA - Church Hill North
    Large tree limb
  • Potholes Acknowledged
    2600 Fendall Avenue Richmond, VA - Northern Barton Heights
    Several weeks ago I reported, and the city came out and repaired the pothole at Fendall Avenue. However, they didn't bother to clean up after themselves and left the large orange barrel in the street where it's been hit and mangled and finally, some kind soul moved it into the park. Please remove it from the park. It's a safety hazard to the children who play in the park, and as a taxpayer who paid for the barrel, I'd appreciate the city keeping track of its assets. Please remove.
  • 2325 N Riverside Drive Richmond, Virginia - Westover Hills West
    Debris at easement
  • 2315 N Riverside Drive Richmond, Virginia - Westover Hills West
    Debris at easement
  • 2316 N Riverside Dr Richmond, Virginia - Westover Hills West
    Debris out front
  • 2310 N Riverside Dr Richmond, Virginia - Westover Hills West
    Brush in front of location.
  • 1001 Circlewood Drive Richmond, Virginia - Woodhaven
    Please pick up 3 tires from this location on the side.
  • 4004 Fauquier Ave Richmond, Virginia - Bellevue
    Limbs and trashcan (no wheels): A pile of limbs from storm debris that has now been sitting in the back of house near the alley for now going on a month. NEEDS TO BE PICKED UP AND HAULED AWAY. Including a trashcan that no longer has wheels that the city trashmen damaged, and should be replaced at the cost to the city, not to the home owner. I don't need rats making nests in the debris, unless the city plans on paying for exterminators.
  • 3207 Cliff Ave - Providence Park
    Yard Debris in Alley
  • 4023 Fauquier Ave - Bellevue
    Yard Waste in alley in the back
  • Potholes Archived
    1000 Dmv - Museums
    Huge pothole at entrance to the DMV: Potholes
  • 6915 Longview Dr Richmond, Virginia - Stratford Hills
    I have a brush pile I need picked up at my house. It is currently in the ditch in front of 6915 Longview Dr.
    It is just a few branches from a downed tree I cut. Please call me to let me know you received this transmission. Thanks.
  • 426 S. Pine - Oregon Hill
    Brush Pickup: There are a couple piles of tree branches to be picked up in the alley behind this address.
  • tree limbs in alley
  • Potholes Archived
    3116 Va-161 - Cherry Gardens
  • 901 Circlewood Drive - Maymont
    Please pick up 1 tire from in front of this location.
  • 2502 5th Ave - Maymont
    household items
  • 1410 Nottoway Ave - Bellevue
    Lawn Debris out rear of property.
  • 4502 Monument Ave - Sauer's Gardens
    Citizen states he has reported this twice. It has been out for months.
  • 2214 2nd Ave - Maymont
    Household trash