• 63 Franklin St Quincy, MA 02169, USA - Quincy
    The two lamp posts on the Eastern Bank side of the street (#'s 118 and 20), neither have been on since the switch to LED.
  • 62 Liberty St Quincy, MA 02169, USA - Quincy
    Drove by the sign tonight, just about 9 PM. No blinking lights, less than 90 minutes after sunset. The solar panel is facing in the wrong direction, thus not giving the battery a proper charge. Or there is an issue with unit.
  • Potholes Acknowledged
    Liberty St Quincy, MA 02169, USA - Quincy
    The street was just patched and crack filled. To my novice eyes, there are at least 6 missed "potholes" on this just repaired street.
    Someone needs to re-check the street and address these future problems.
  • Snow Plowing Acknowledged
    Centre St Quincy, MA 02169, USA - Quincy
    The sidewalk plow went down the sidewalk, but he forgot to lower the blade. There's 6-8" of snow on the "plowed" sidewalk. The plow tracks are filled in with collapsed snow, so it's a useless walkway.
  • Street Lights Acknowledged
    291 Liberty St Quincy, MA 02169, USA - Quincy
    Pole # 36. Recently switched the street over to LED lights. This light needs adjustment, it lights up the entire house, into the roof at night.
  • Potholes Acknowledged
    234 Liberty Street Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy

    1. pothole in frpnt of the white house on the corner.

    2. pothole at Centre St and Crown Colony. On Centre St, at the storm drain at the Stop Line.

  • Potholes Acknowledged
    195-197 Liberty Street Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    All of Liberty St. 3 potholes between Centre and Taber streets, a few more by BJ'S gas.
  • 289-315 Thomas Burgin Parkway Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    The right lane for the left turn signal is inoperative. it hasn't been working for a month now. it triggers when a vehicle is in the left side of the left turn lane. This is on the off ramp coming down to Burgin Pkwy, and turning left onto Centre St.
  • 15 Liberty St Quincy Massachusetts - Quincy
    At the intersection of Liberty and Water Streets, the Liberty St sign is missing, and the Water St sign is pointing to neither street.
  • 135-199 Brooks Avenue Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    Heading North on Centre St. (towards Sterling), the Green streetlight on the Right-hand side of the street is out.
  • Tree/Landscaping Acknowledged
    291 Liberty St Quincy - Quincy
    The last storm broke a branch, and when it decides to fall, it will block the street and damage any cars or people below it.
    It is across the street from 291 & 287?, at the property line. In the Google pic, it has the 90° bend.
  • Tree/Landscaping Acknowledged
    347 Centre St Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    The pretty "grass" along the sidewalk and street is tall enough to hinder a clear view of oncoming traffic when trying to exit the dead-end part of Liberty St. Please mow it, or apply vegetation killer.
  • Centre St At Crown Colony. - Quincy
    Centre St que must sit through two light cycles before getting a green light. Makes morning traffic much worse, especially with the snow piles.
  • Graffiti Acknowledged
    312-322 Thomas Burgin Parkway Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    The off-ramps to Burgin Parkway have railroad tracks that used to go to the Patriot Ledger printing building (now BJ's). The underpass is entirely covered with graffiti, and is visible when going up the on-ramp from Crown Colony Park to 93N. A nice treat for those staying at the Marriott and heading into Boston.
  • 200 Crown Colony Dr Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    Corner of Centre and Liberty streets. This light goes through bulbs quickly, and it's out again.
  • Potholes Acknowledged
    122 Liberty St Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    Across the street from 122 Liberty, about 5' away from the red fire-hydrant.
  • 276-286 Thomas Burgin Parkway Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    Pre-Lowes, there was a "Welcome to Quincy" in the median. Since an extra turn lane was installed for the Lowes project, the median, and sign have vanished. Is it possible to get the "Welcome to Quincy" sign back?
    It could be mounted to the exit from the "T" parking garage overpass, before the Centre St lights, or after the entrance to Lowes.
    The sign is/was similar to the one in the picture.
  • Potholes Archived
    721 Washington Street Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    Coming off the bridge, entering the rotary at the critical point that you apply your brakes, there's maybe 3 potholes under construction.
  • Potholes Archived
    200 Liberty Street Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    Right at the useless stop sign, coming from Centre St.
  • 242 Liberty Street Quincy, Massachusetts - Quincy
    This bulb is burns out often. This time it's lasted maybe 5 months this time. It's like 4 bulbs in a year and a half.