Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 690
  • 400 N Kerr Ave Wilmington, NC - Wilmington
    This intersection is very rough and needs to be fixed. This area was dug up months ago to fix a sink hole, but never paved it back the right way.
  • 4703 U.S. 421 Wilmington, NC 28401, USA - New Hanover County
    The right turn lane or de-cel lane going to the New Hanover County Landfill is in horrible shape. The lane is so BAD, that the trucks and cars that turn into the landfill from US 421 don't use the lane anymore. The bigs trucks need a de-cel lane to slow down, and NOT use 421 as a right turn lane when there is a lane there to use. PLEASE PAVE OR FIX THIS
  • 4703-4901 U.S. 421 Wilmington, NC 28401, USA - New Hanover County
    The railroad tracks in front of the Invista/Kosa plant on 421 North are in horrible shape. The tracks are uneven and you have to go over them at an angle to keep from messing up your car. I see the big trucks that travel over the tracks doing the same, it seems worse for them. It is dangerous for the big trucks to go at an angle, especially at 55 mph. Please help smooth the crossing..
  • Sink Hole Archived
    400 N Kerr Ave Wilmington, NC 28405, USA - Wilmington
    Why isn't the sink hole at this location fixed, they keep filling it in thinking it's patched, a few days later it is sunk again. It is getting so deep,my car is dragging the ground.