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Agreed! I don't even bother trying to turn there.
I agree with the comment above -- the post office is the biggest and most dangerous problem and regularly leads to cars running the light.
As of this morning at 8:00, it looked like a path had been carved out in front of the AT&T building. I didn't look at it closely but a big improvement. Many thanks.
Issue Closed
No longer an issue.
Looks like it was fixed over the winter.
I went past the park on the bus today, and from a distance, it looked like the entrance to the slide with the hole in it has been blocked off with a piece of plywood. I hope this is just a temporary safety measure while the problem is being fixed permanently.

Fellow citizens,

I'm just trying to help--I walked through the park, saw a problem, and reported it from my mobile device. I don't carry gloves and broom with me.

Tiny Tim, you're right -- the real problem is that people are standing in that no-man's land that is essentially in the middle of the intersection.
p.s. Of course, they are standing illegally when they pull up on Fountain, but I don't see an easy way to stop that.