• 23 Boardman St Salem, MA, 01970, USA - City of Salem
    23 Boardman St. Trash was not picked up. Both barrels were out Sunday night and both lids were completely closed. Will have no room for this weeks trash.
  • Salem Willows Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    There is a grassy area between Dead Horse Beach and Camp Namkeaug that is used for picnics, BBQs, dog walking, etc. For some reason, people think it is OK to drive onto and park in this area. I this on a regular basis and if you look you can see tire marks breaking down the grass. Is this allowed all of a sudden? If not can the chain blocking car access be put back up before this area becomes a dusty parking lot like the area before you enter the Willows park.
  • Boardman St Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Is there anything a resident can do to stop the removal of trees on private property? The new owner's of the Spychalski funeral home removed 10 large (50ft+), old, beautiful trees yesterday, 6 of which were perfectly healthy according to the arborist that was on site. Is there anything we can do to stop them from taking down more? These trees were home to dozens of birds and squirrels not to mention the historical and environmental impact of removing these beauties.
  • Common Area Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    I know it may not be possible but it would be great if snow ban notifications could come out sooner than they have been. For those of us who take the train into Boston and or walk to work its hard to know what to do with our car and very expensive to park in the garage just in case.
  • Porta Pottys Archiviert
    The Common Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Someone flipped over all the porta pottys down the common.
  • Parking Ban Archiviert
    Boardman St Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    My street is slated to be repaved today. There have been signs up since yesterday stating no parking 7-5. It's 8:35 and there are apx 20 cars still parked on the street. It's very annoying to have moved my car and lost my parking space while others totally ignore the signs. This same thing happens with street sweeping, snow bans and October Halloween parking. If your going to issue parking bans for whatever reason, please enforce them.
  • Illegal Dumping Archiviert
    81 Fort Avenue Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Someone has dumped a couch and numerous large black trash bags in the parking lot beside Cannon Hills. Is it just me or has the number of illegal dumpings increased since the new trash rules started?