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  • 5000 52 Street Red Deer, AB - Red Deer
    Red Deer is under 100,000 population and not a Calgary of 1.1 million or Edmonton or Toronto or Vancouver. The bike lanes in Red Deer take parking away from our downtown, take driving lanes away from our streets causing congestion and confusion, cannot be maintained and utilized in the winter properly, do not make drivers anymore sensitive or courteous to bicyclists. I personally feel Red Deer is not ready for bike lanes because they create an "us versus them" mentality. Red Deer is a small city (not a metropolis) and a small enough city that when a motorist sees a bicyclist they are courteous and cautious. Bike lanes divide us as a community not bring us closer together. Remove the bike lanes and replace council with those that support our community.
  • 49 Avenue & 49 Street Red Deer, AB - Red Deer
    The city of red deer need to incorporate restricted parking times (i.e. 1 hour max) where no parking meters exist in the downtown area on high demand streets to STOP those that do not live in this area from parking unrestricted all day. Residents in the area should be issued parking permits so they can park with no restriction. This will restrict daily abusers who want FREE parking at the expense of local residents and at the expense of paid parking lots in our downtown area which decreases our parking revenue. These FREE BE PARKING ARTISTS need to be stopped and stop taking advantage of local residents and contribute to our parking revenue in OUR DOWNTOWN. There is no room for these FREE BE PARKERS TO USE AND ABUSE OUR DOWNTOWN AND THE RESIDENTS THAT LIVE HERE.