Brian Foreman

Rank: Civic Pride Civic Points: 160
  • 2351-2399 Marriottsville Road Marriottsville, Maryland - Howard County
    The new Traffic Signal has been activated today. It's frequency does not match the light a 1/4 mile away at Warwick way. Currently at the new Traffic Signal the light for traffic entering Marriottsville road turns green when there is a vehicle waiting and no traffic on Marriottsville Road. At the Traffic Signal at Warwick Way, a vehicle waiting to enter Marriottsville road must wait the entire light cycle even if there is no traffic on Marriottsville road. Either traffic control method is acceptable, just make it consistent at two Traffic Signals just 1/4 apart.
  • 11075 Resort Road Ellicott City, Maryland - Howard County
    The left turn arrows in both directions on Marriottsville road frequently are triggered when no vehicle is present.