• 1218 West Bay Drive Nw Olympia, Washington - West Bay Drive
    In 2010 one of the abandoned Reliable Steel buildings burnt down. There was a salvage and clean up of the 1 building, but the other 2 were left. Since that time there has been CONSISTENT graffiti, dumping, drug use, etc and it has become a transient favorite. Occasionally a little yellow "do not cross" tape shows up and a tiny "no trespassing" sign. Within days they are gone. This is a community eyesore and a dangerous site. This is part of the CRA for the CIty as a "blight" but continues to be "discussed" without action. Although high property taxes on waterfront property continue to rise, while the roads sag and the "blights" remain. I do LOVE the new sidewalk. But PLEASE, DO SOMETHING about this hideous, dangerous site.
  • 1801 West Bay Drive Nw #402 Olympia, Washington - West Bay Drive
    I'm thrilled with the ongoing improvements to West Bay Drive, but was disappointed to see that "patching" continues on the street. Even at 30 and 35 mph the road condition in both directions between the marina Y and the park is head jarring and car damaging. Even the previous patch work has sunk and is no longer effective. I was hoping with the sidewalk project there would be a repaving of the street but see the patching continues. PLEASE put this on the list - the holes and undulations are past the point of understandable.