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  • East Rock Road New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    Although the East Rock Rd bridge has now been open for a couple of weeks, the nearby streets and trails continue to be littered with dozens of orange detour and bridge closed signs. These are unsightly, but more importantly, they now provide false information to drivers and create unnatural traffic problems that do not need to occur
  • 83 E Rock Rd New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    Once again, snowfall leads to plow jobs that leave large piles of snow at the intersection. This time, it is 15 feet from the curb at everit and east rock making a right turn difficult and dangerous. This isn't a forgotten spot - it was somehow done this way ON PURPOSE! Is it somehow the goal of city government to endanger their citizens?
  • Street Lamp Archived
    84 East Rock Road New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    2 consecutive street lamps are out at the corner of East Rock and Everit. The result is a VERY dark intersection