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  • 824 Donaldson Road Chattanooga, Tennessee - East Ridge
    The address is approximate. It's somewhere near this area of Donaldson Rd. There is a sinkhole just before a manhole cover in the center of the lane of travel. It looked deep enough to cause tire damage if you hit it. I was passing and noticed it so I didn't get the exact location.
  • 818 Poindexter Ave East Ridge, TN - East Ridge
    In the middle of the street there is a small sinkhole. The address is approximate. About 3 years ? ago the homeowner had a new water line put in and the company that did it apparently left a leak. This area has continued to leak water in the middle of the road and the sinkhole has continued to be patched, apparently without the leak being fixed. Hopefully it will be properly repaired before half of Poindexter avenue caves in.