Mette Lourdes

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  • 15279-15291 Fraser Hwy Surrey, British Columbia - Surrey
    Please fix as we have a blind young man utilizing that cross walk every day! Thank you very much!
  • Traffic light Archived
    15901-15935 Fraser Highway Surrey, BC V4N 0Y3, Canada - Surrey
    The pedestrian light for north/south at venture way and Fraser hwy should be adjusted to allow pedestrians to cross. I very often stand and watch three buses pass by me while waiting for the light to turn. That costs me up to 20 minutes in extra commuting time. It would be appreciated by many of us commuters if this issue could be addressed. Thank you!
  • Tree removals Archived
    15988 Fraser Highway #306 Surrey, BC V4N 0X8, Canada - Surrey
    5 magnolia trees have been removed from the plaza by the wired monk coffee shop. Why do they not have to be replaced by 5 other trees. That is what the strata lots surrounding the plaza must do. What's the difference - is a surrey bylaw not a surrey bylaw regardless of commercial or residential property in this regard?
  • 29-8428 Venture Way Sureey Bc - Surrey
    Please pick up as its full - thank you very much!
  • Other Archived
    15825-15901 80 Avenue Surrey, BC V4N, Canada - Surrey
    The north east corner of 80 and 158 there is a drain in the road that is totally clogged and therefore the road AND sidewalk are flooded!
  • Other Archived
    8546-8582 Venture Way Surrey, BC V4N, Canada - Surrey
    The road is FLOODED and cars hit it as they come east on Fraser highway onto Venture Way. There's probably a drain but the water wAs too deep to see. You've dealt eith this before but it appears the fix needs your attention again! Thanks!!!
  • 29-8428 Venture Way - Bangor
    My garbage and organics bins were not emptied today.
  • 8546-8582 Venture Way Surrey, BC V4N 0X8, Canada - Surrey
    The old IGA location in the mall adjacent to our townhouses is being renovated. The demolition/renovation is consistently starting at 6 a.m during the week and 7 a.m. On Saturdays. This is in violation of the noise by-laws of surrey. Kindly address.
  • 15871 85 Avenue - Surrey
    The sidewalk in front of unit 11 is lifted by about an inch. The sidewalk is in the west side of venture way (across from the parking lot at Boston pizza). This is a tripping danger - there are many seniors in the area.
  • 8428-8438 Venture Way Surrey, BC V4N 0W5, Canada - Surrey
    Half of our complex's recycling was picked up but not from units 29 - 45!
  • 1723 Victoria Drive Vancouver Bc - Vancouver
    Empty lot that used to be community garden is now primarily just overgrown with weeds! It's not beautiful - it's an eyesore. Owner should maintain the property!
  • Tree Issues Archived
    160th Street And 82 Avenue - Surrey
    Rotten boulevard tree has fallen and is lying over the sidewalk on 82 avenue and 160th street on the north west corner
  • 11112-11164 120 Street Surrey, BC V3V 8B8, Canada - Surrey
    Huge pothole at 111 ave (behind Home Depot) just before the intersection of 128 and king george was filled recently but has again washed away - it's dangerous!
  • 8428-8438 Venture Way Surrey, BC V4N 0W5, Canada - Surrey
    North east corner of Fraser highway and 156th
  • 8428-8438 Venture Way Surrey, BC V4N 0W5, Canada - Surrey
    Venture way and Fraser highway / south - east corner on venture way. A lake forms whenever there are heavy rains or snow. It's dangerous!