• 85-99 Brattle St Cambridge MA 02138 - West Cambridge
    The new stop sign is working really well, but the "cross traffic does not stop" signs need to be removed. People yielding when they shouldn't is leading to confusion.
  • 369 Congress Street Boston, Massachusetts - South Boston
    Aeronaut delivery truck blocking sidewalk and travel lane. Pedestrians forced to walk on busy Congress Street
  • Loose bricks Archived
    893-899 Somerville Avenue Cambridge Massachusetts - North Cambridge
    Saw a woman trip on this patch of brick paving. The whole thing could use some attention or just be replaced with concrete, but there is one spot that is especially hazardous. I marked that with an arrow.
  • 2-168 Main Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - Mit
    About a dozen large potholes have opened up between Sloan and the Longfellow.
  • 234 Harvard Street Medford, Massachusetts - Medford
    The sign that shows motorists their speeds as they head west on Harvard isn't working. There's a blinking blue light instead of the speed. The one for eastbound motorists is still working.
  • 439-465 Commonwealth Avenue Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    I waited at the Carriage Road's intersection with Grant Avenue for several light cycles, but the traffic signal stayed red even though I placed my bike on the painted bike spot. The light didn't change until I walked over and hit the pedestrian crossing button. Please take a look at the sensor.
  • 13-27 Broadway Cambridge, Massachusetts - East Cambridge
    This morning the signal for the left turn from Broadway eastbound to 3rd northbound went from green to blank then to red. The yellow light didn't turn on.
  • 403 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, Massachusetts - The Port

    The new bike lane in Central Square is great!

    However, there's a big planter that keeps people trying to cross the street and people biking from seeing each other. It's scary because you can't see bikes approaching until the very last second if you are trying to cross. You also can't yield to pedestrians if they're hidden behind the planter while you're cycling.

    Finding a new location for the planter, moving it north a yard, or pruning the material down so it is shorter would fix this.

  • 50 Broadway Cambridge, MA - East Cambridge
    At about 5:20 pm today every single streetlight on Broadway was turned off. Are these set to timers that need to be reset, or perhaps a sensor isn't working? It was really dark!
  • 1216 East Boston Greenway Boston, Massachusetts - East Boston
    Now that the East Boston Greenway is finished it could use a sign where it crosses Frankfort to tell people coming from the west that they should cross Frankfort Street to continue on the main path, rather than continuing straight. If you aren't in the know the intuitive thing to do is to keep going straight on the asphalt path, which takes you to Bennington Street with no clear way back.
  • 211-297 Beverly Street Boston, Massachusetts - North End

    The intersection of the new Lovejoy Wharf boardwalk with Beverly Street only has a proper curb cut along half of its width. The other half has a tiny but sheer drop that is hazardous to people on bikes and uncomfortable to people in wheelchairs or with strollers.

    Can the city add a little asphalt to Beverly Street here to fill the inch or two gap between the boardwalk and the street?

  • 67 Hampshire Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - The Port
    There's a dead rabbit to remove from the road just south of Hampshire and Bristol.
  • Alewife Linear Park Cambridge, Massachusetts - North Cambridge
    The white walk signal on the east side of Massachusetts Avenue across from Cedar Street isn't working. The light goes from red, to blank, to flashing red.
  • 15 Essex St Boston, Massachusetts - Central
    Uncapped syringe on the ground. South side of the street in a doorway.
  • 208-226 Binney Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - East Cambridge
    It looks like the resurfacing project along Binney from 6th to 3rd has been done for several weeks, but the lane dividers and the bike lane markings have not been replaced. Is there still upcoming work?
  • East Boston Greenway Boston, Massachusetts - East Boston
    The East Boston Greenway has a drainage problem right here. In this case it was a few hours after rain and the puddle spanned the entire path and was almost a foot deep. Even days after rain the puddle blocks the path, forcing people to walk around on the fragile wet grass. Please take a look and repair any drainage systems that aren't working, or longer-term either install better ones or raise the path.
  • 66 Spring Street Lexington, Massachusetts - Lexington
    The sharrows along Spring Street are nearly worn away, please replace.
  • 99 Cambridge Street Boston, Massachusetts - Charlestown
    The solid and dashed lane markings that once marked a bike lane on Cambridge Street and Washington Street are in very bad shape after the winter. As a result drivers are trying to cram two lanes of traffic into one lane, causing more congestion and making it hazardous for cyclists trying to ride where the bike lane used to be. Both Boston and Somerville need to restripe their segments of Cambridge/Washington, but Boston's is in much worse condition.
  • Two Education Circle Cambridge, Massachusetts - East Cambridge
    The bike path around the circle in North Point Park has some tree root damage that seems to be getting worse. The worst spot is the southeasternmost point of the circle.
  • 22-30 Hampshire Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - The Port
    Several inches of pavement have disappeared in parts of the southernmost block of Hampshire street. Could use some serious work or at least a few patches.