Tracy Seward

Rank: Civic Crusader Civic Points: 305
  • 2879 Thaxton Dr. Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    Many pieces of fencing down along the property line. There are nails sticking up. Someone is going to get hurt. This was going on before the hurricane but since the hurricane many more sections are down.
  • Curlew Road Heding Eastbound Oldsmar, Florida - Oldsmar
    On Curlew Road heading eastbound in front of Countryside Key Townhomes/Eastlake Club Apartments/Craft Street the sprinklers are watering the road and making it very wet and slippery. It has been like this for weeks. Either the sprinklers need to be adjusted to water the plants and not the street or maybe the cycle is too long and it is just overflowing into the street.