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  • 207 Plaza Drive Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    Admiral Callahgan Ln - Plaza Dr.
    SW Corner Pedestrian trigger button hanging by the signal wires.
  • 215 Dias Cir Pittsburg 94565 United States - Pittsburg
    No wheels & broken windows. Within the Planet Fitness/IHOP back parking lot. Not on Dias Cir.
  • Canada Valley Rd Antioch 94531, United States - Antioch
  • Other Archived
    Laurel Rd Antioch 94531, United States - Antioch
    Two dirt bike in the restrict no vehicle area.
  • 5132 Union Mine Dr Antioch 94531, United States - Antioch
  • Delta De Anza Regional Trail Antioch California - Antioch
    Mattresses and a car bumper. Deplorables strike again.
  • 1767-1781 Hillcrest Avenue Antioch, California - Antioch

    Traffic cycles from traffic signals presenting vehicles from E Tregallas and Larkspur onto NB Hillcrest with a red light at the EB RT4 off/on ramp. The inclination is the get in the right lane to WB Rt-4. This backs traffic to ten or more vehicles deep in the middle and far right lane on NB Hillcrest.

    Then the SB Hillcrest goes green going forward and left turn @ Larkspur. If it is a busy time of day, the left turners may face some box blockers waiting for the NB Hillcrest / EB Rt-4 light to go green.

    Then the NB Hillcrest goes green and these vehicles face a red light which remains red for 22 secs allowing SB Hillcrest left turn to EB Rt-4 on-ramp. During this time, with heavy traffic, the right lane NB Hillcrest @ EB & WB Rt-4 traffic gets severely impacted. Some box blocking occurs.

    Most folks wait and don't block the box at Hillcrest @ Tregallas/Larkspur while waiting for the Rt-4 box to clear, but there are always a few who don't.

    Perhaps, shortening the duration of the SB Hillcrest left turn to EB Rt-4 on-ramp or delaying the NB Hillcrest @ Tregallas/Larkspur green light could relieve this issue.

    Disclaimer: This suggestion is all intuitive. I have no experience programming traffic. You who do are among the unsung heroes of our day. Thank you.


  • 4196-4220 Hillcrest Avenue Antioch, California - Antioch

    The left turn signal is only about 12 sec which allows only 3 - 4 vehicles through the intersection. Less if one is in the U turn lane. The back up to turn left precipitated from the short light backed up 10 -15 vehicles.

    The frustration is evident that some folks are running the red light.

  • 2702-2970 Hillcrest Avenue Antioch, California - Antioch

    The sign says "SIGNALS SET FOR 45 MPH

    What probably started out as an attempt to keep traffic flowing smoothly has become a challenge. Speeds in excess of 60+ MPH are not uncommon.

    This idea was likely initiated before many of the new housing developments along Hillcrest Avenue. A lot has happened since and too many folks have died. Either from their own stupidity or from the stupidity of others.

    My own pet peeve is the excessive time one must wait to turn left on to Hidden Glen Drive, sometimes for as long as 20 seconds with no oncoming traffic. Or turning left on to Hillcrest from HGD. We all know, an internal combustion engine at idle is a gross polluter.

    My suggestion is to make the lights quickly respond to and from side traffic. This may also calm the speeders a bit as they will need to stop more often.

  • California Delta Hwy Antioch, CA 94509, USA - Antioch
    The gate to the tunnel under Highway 4 now unlocked and open to people walking through the tunnel. I was under the impression this tunnel was to remain closed.