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  • 3005 Hillcrest Dr Se Washington, District of Columbia - Hillcrest
    There is a speed camera on Hillcrest Drive SE which has helped control traffic speed of cars going DOWN the hill but traffic speed of cars coming up the hill us still very bad. This problem is not restricted to rush hour times but is all day and getting worse. Drivers know they can get away with speeding on Hillcrest Drive and continue to use this street to avoid Branch Avenue getting to Alabama Avenue . Hillcrest Drive needs speed bumps. There are speed bumps on 28th Street which leads to Hillcrest and other hilly streets in the area have bumps(Park "Drive, Suitland Road) .. The white strips on our street do nothing to slow traffic and just add disturbing noise as cars speed over them. They are a waste of time and money and are unsightly as well. Please consider putting speed bumps on Hillcrest Drive.
  • F Or Close To Two Years Now The Traffic On Hillcrest Drive Se Has Been Steadily Increasing In Volume And Speed. I Have Previously Requested A Speed Sign At Hillcrest Drive And W Street SE to remind drivers of the speed limit and for either speed bumps, a speed camera (preferably both). All that has been done is the addition of remble strips which do nothing to reduce speeds and are a source of noise pollution. Please do something to regulate the speed of drivers on this street . Rush hour traffic has increased greatly since I first requested help. Indeed, traffic all day ihas increased markedly. The least authorities can do here is to try to control speeding drivers., Washington, District of Columbia - Chelan County
    Large increase in traffic on this residential street and speed violations of drivers. There are 15 mile per hour signs in the middle of the block and at the lower end of the street but no sign at the top of the hill at W Street. The street is a steep hill with curves.
  • 3005 Hillcrest Drive Se Washington, District of Columbia - Hillcrest
    Hillcrest Drive is becoming dangerous for pedestrians. Drivers, especially from Maryland, use Hillcrest Drive to avoid Branch Avenue congestion despite there being "Do Not Enter" signs on several Alabama Avenue intersections that were installed many years ago to keep commuters from this and other residential streets . There is no speed sign at the entrance to Hillcrest Drive at W Street. There is a 15 mile per hour sign at the beginning of a sharp curve beyond my house, but drivers cannot slow down in time to approach the curve at that slow speed. I estimate that many cars enter Hillcrest Drive at W Street at 30 -40 miles an hour. There should be a speed sign at the top of this long, curved hill, and, at least, speed bumps on this street. Also needed is regular policing at 32nd, 31st, 30th Streets to keep drivers from ignoring the "Do Not Enter" signs. Hillcrest Drive is frequented by pedestrians and cyclists. The traffic conditions during morning AND evening rush hours are dangerous as drivers speed down this hill toward Pennsylvania Avenue. Ideally there should be a "Do Not Enter" sign at the corner of Hillcrest Drive and W Street.
  • 3005 Hillcrest Drive Southeast Washington, District of Columbia - Hillcrest

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