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  • 19 Clinton Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Chatham Square
    Recently I've noticed the lights​ in strong school have been turned on and with the recent broken glass door in the playground, I believe someone or multiple people may be occupying the school. This is not a good image for the neighborhood and it's definitely not a safe place to walk through or let your children play anymore. please clean up strong school.
  • 21 Perkins Street New Haven, Connecticut - Chatham Square
    two men and a woman were just seen rummaging through the garden with a flashlight and attempting to enter the greenhouse when a neighbor yelled at them to leave. They left promptly but saying they were "coordinators" ...if so, why are they working after the hour of 10 PM? very sketchy.
  • 29 Clinton Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Chatham Square

    Strong school still beaten up and covered with broken glass and garbage. glad to see the city cares so much about where our local youth play. Previously​ there were a homeless couple living inside the school.... if the city could take some responsibility for the appearance of the Fair Haven neighborhood that would be great... luckily there was a green house built across the street to distract people from the appalling state of Strong School Park. putting makeup over a scab doesn't heal the scab, New Haven.

    a disappointed native

  • 1 Perkins St New Haven, Connecticut - Chatham Square
    There is a used condom in the puddle in the grand acre garden on Perkins. This is not the first time I have discovered disgusting litter on this property. Could the parks department keep a closer eye on this property or whoever is in charge of it... Regardless, it's obviously not being well maintained.
  • 501-599 North Frontage Road New Haven, Connecticut - West River
    Drove thru Downtown on my way to Westville a little while ago and I was disgusted to see two children walking their puppy thru a terribly maintained park. Covered in bottles, cans, food containers and other forms of garbage. It legitimately looked like a dump. The kids shouldn't have to accept that as their environment. Clean up the park, the kids need a place to play.
  • Potholes Archived
    93-99 Front Street New Haven, Connecticut - Fair Haven
    Potholes... fix 'em
  • 26 Maltby Street New Haven, Connecticut - Chatham Square
    The intersection of Maltby and Grafton needs to have a 4-way stop. As of right now there are only two stop signs on Maltby, however because of the volume of cars parked on nearby Grafton the view is well-blocked to the drivers at the stop signs. making this a 4-way would take no time and allow drivers to safely cross. Just a safety improvement.
  • 19 Clinton Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Chatham Square
    Decided to play catch with my family and some local kids and to say the least the state of the Strong School playground is unacceptable. Broken glass everywhere, garbage and other foreign objects children shouldn't have to be exposed to (if you catch my drift). Clean it up, the kids need a place to go.