Director of Engineering

  • Tree Archived
    404–598 Simpson St N Revelstoke BC V0E, Canada - Revelstoke
    Tree leaning towards path upstream of 4th St Bridge. Lean has been getting worse over the past couple of days.
  • Signage Archived
    403 5th St E Revelstoke BC V0E 2S0, Canada - Revelstoke
    Sign graffiti and knocked down on 5th and Robson
  • 1550 Prail Road Revelstoke, BC - Revelstoke
    The stub of Mason Road to the North should have a "no through road" sign at the intersection of Prail and Mason as there is only a small turn around area.
  • 108 Ford Street Revelstoke, BC - Revelstoke
  • 1968 Camozzi Road Revelstoke, BC - Columbia-Shuswap B
    At the intersection with Nichol Rd.
  • 105 4 Street West Revelstoke, BC - Revelstoke
    At intersection of Connaught, uphill.
  • 400-412 2 Street East Revelstoke, BC - Revelstoke
    No road use permit, crane contractor parked across sidewalk, parking and driving lanes while placing new roof on house.
  • Signage Archived
    427 2 Street East Revelstoke, BC - Revelstoke
    Business signage chained to City Streetlight, not on business frontage.
  • 207-223 3 St E Revelstoke, BC V0E, Canada - Revelstoke
    217 3rd St E Watering front side yard (right side) with oscillating sprinkler at 1pm on Aug 8.
  • Woodenhead Loop Revelstoke, BC V0E, Canada - Revelstoke
    Sign down at McDonalds follow wind storm. Requires structural engineer sign off.
  • 216 Mackenzie Ave Revelstoke, V0E 2S0, Canada - Revelstoke

    A City committee has requested:

    "That a report be requested from Public Works on the feasibility of a four way stop being placed as Second Street and Mackenzie Avenue."

  • Bend Rd Revelstoke, BC V0E, Canada - Revelstoke
    Graffiti on garbage bins.
  • Illecillewaet Bridge Trail Revelstoke, British Columbia - Revelstoke
    This trail has weeds on the bridge approaches, narrowing the pathway.
  • 900 Vernon Ave Revelstoke, British Columbia - Revelstoke
    The owner has regraded the boulevard, this appears to be on City property.
  • 402 Taylor St Revelstoke, British Columbia - Revelstoke
    Please review the storm drainage in this area of Taylor St.
  • Spokane Street Between Columbia Ave And First Ave Rossland - Rossland
    Lots of potholes on Spokane Street between Columbia Ave and First
  • Intersection Of Washington And Columbia Rossland - Rossland
    The manhole in the middle of the intersection is a real pain, you need to swerve to avoid it and it is right before the crosswalk