Rank: City Fixer Civic Points: 3,140
  • 6 Valley Way West Orange 07052, United States - US Congressional District NJ8
    Deep potholes and ripped up street near speed bumps. Needs filling asap since cars swerve around and present dangerous situation.
  • 1 Morris St Morristown, NJ 07960, USA - Morristown

    Parking pay machine in Dumont St lot takes FOREVER to process any payment (cash or credit). About 1-1/2 minutes to clear from last payor, very slow to recognize input, about 3 minutes to process/approve pymt.

    When people are lining up to pay meter so they can shop, eat, attend concerts/church, or do business in Morristown, the least Motown public services can do is to check and repair their meters and pay machine. Quick to ticket expired meters but not to fix breakdowns.

    Next time this happens, we wont pay at all and personally contest all parking violations in court before the judge.

  • 293 Columbia Turnpike Florham Park, NJ 07932, USA - Florham Park
    Need solid lines at shoulder over most of Columbia Turnpike. Visibility at night or rainy weather is very poor. Solid lines end east of Cali Center as if machine ran out of paint! Also need to trim bushes and ground cover along the route. UNACCEPTABLE and dangerous in current situation!
  • 301-343 Columbia Turnpike Florham Park, NJ 07932, USA - Florham Park
    No dashed lane lines over large stretch of Rt 510 Columbia Tpk between Morristown Airport and Cali Center. Very poor visibility at night and rainy weather. UNACCEPTABLE that this was not done for many years!!
  • 1515 Broad St Bloomfield, NJ 07003, USA - Bloomfield
    Exit ramp has significant bump, repaving missed this detail to smooth transition between new/old road surface. This bump is getting worse each week and will ultimately cause driver to lose control around the bend, especially if car has poor shocks.
  • Essex Fwy West Orange, NJ 07052, USA - West Orange
    New highway paving is ok but not smooth. No painted lane lines (or faded, intermittent) driving east between Laurel Ave and Prospect Ave exits. It's like the repaving project was halted without completion.
  • Bellevue Ave Montclair, NJ - Montclair
    Fill work from earlier in the year is very poor, please re-do.
  • Potholes Archived
    Undercliff Ave montclair, NJ - Montclair
    road is torn up, needs better fill in deep spots
  • 19-41 James Street Florham Park, New Jersey - Florham Park
    Unavoidable pothole, rim damage has already happened if you hit it head on. It's been there for a few weeks.
  • 265-275 Columbia Turnpike Florham Park, New Jersey - Florham Park
    Drivers legally exiting from Elm St onto Col Tpk at stop sign cannot see eastbound traffic coming over the hill due to high weeds and brush blocking visibility. Some of this was thankfully removed but needs more work at the top of the hill in the empty lot.
  • 23 Hamilton Street Harrison, New Jersey - Harrison
    Large hole on exit ramp, no way to avoid, have hit this several times. Someone can lose control, blow a tire or damage a rim. Wouldn't take much to fill, but please do it at non-rush hour time.
  • 180-198 South Ridgedale Avenue East Hanover, New Jersey - Morris County
    Pothole at right side of southbound Ridgedale Ave, difficult to see. Not sure if this is the exact location, but you will know it when the tire rim hits it. Fairly deep, this should be fixed as soon as possible.
  • Deep pothole Archived
    279 Valley Way Montclair, New Jersey - Montclair
    very deep pothole near speed bump, cannot see at night. Daytime driving, hard to avoid with oncoming traffic and parked cars.
  • Eagle Rock Avenue East Hanover, New Jersey - US Congressional District NJ11
    Two large potholes, about 8 ft apart on Eagle Rock when turning from River Road towards Eisenhower. Bring plenty of asphalt.
  • 119-121 Mount Pleasant Avenue East Hanover, New Jersey - Morris County
    Two large potholes just east of Hanover Road intersection, on Mt. Pleasant.
  • 2-10 Elm Street Florham Park, New Jersey - Florham Park
    High snow mound at Elm/Ridgedale intersection creates blind area and makes it difficult to safely exit Elm onto Ridgdale. Please remove or lower the mound so drivers can see over it without entering intersection.
  • Bellevue Avenue At Broad St Bloomfield, NJ - Bloomfield
    Please remove the ice/snow from the Bellevue Ave intersection at the light. Left-only turning lane is partially blocked, and opposite direction is ice covered for cars making right from Broad onto Bellevue. Poor snow removal after the big storm caused this, and zero followup by Bloomfield (and Montclair) to clear all the main and side streets is a continuing problem.
  • New Road Parsippany, NJ - Morris County
    No lines painted on concrete pavement over bridge. This is on a slight curve and there is poor visibility in rain, night time, fog. Several near misses with oncoming traffic
  • Broad Pothole Archived
    Bellevue Ave Upper Montclair, Morris County, NJ - Bloomfield
    Large pothole on Broad St at Shoprite exit
  • 42-44 Elm Street Florham Park, New Jersey - Florham Park
    Continued speeding (about 40-45 mph in a 25 zone) by commuters early weekday mornings just before 7 am, trying to make the left turn onto Col Tpk before the no-left-turn time frame. Small black pickup truck, several small sedans, each with lone driver. Many on cell phones. Some Elm Rec Complex construction vehicles making illegal right turn from Col Tpk onto Elm at any time.