Sandy Cederbaum

Rank: City Fixer Civic Points: 2,635
  • Patchin Ct & Woodblock Row Columbia, MD, 21045, USA - Columbia
    Street sign at Patchin Court is missing - apparently according to Tell HoCo this was reported 2 months ago. Please replace the sign asap.
  • 9700-9700 Owen Brown Rd Columbia, MD, 21045, USA - Columbia
    This is the third request for the county to mow this area of county owned property. The area was mowed once this summer on May 1, 2019. The grass is even taller than pictured. The area is adjacent to a walking path and pedestrian crosswalk at Stevens Forest Road. Please resolve asap.
  • Broken Land Pkwy Columbia, MD, 21046, USA - Columbia
    Street Light at facing Broken Land Parkway on the corner of Broken Land and Stevens Forest Road is leaning towards Broken Land. Should be looked at as it is leaning too much.
  • 6279-6299 Stevens Forest Rd Columbia, MD, 21045, USA - Columbia
    There is a Wrong Way Sign on Broken Land Parkway in the South bound land facing Stevens Forest Road that is totally obscured by tree branches/leaves. The sign should be visible for drivers who are turning left onto Broken Land from Stevens Forest.
  • 5950 Camelback Ln Columbia, MD, 21045, USA - Columbia
    Bamboo branches overhanging sidewalk on Stevens Forest right right before the intersection of Stevens Forest and Camelback Lane. This sidewalk is heavily traveled.
  • 6049-6051 Stevens Forest Rd Columbia, MD, 21045, USA - Columbia
    Sidewalk/pathway from Owen Brown Road leading to a crosswalk across Stevens Forest Road had adjacent turf that was last mowed on May 1, 2019. The grass is once again quite tall. Previously issued to Natural Resources Charlie Peregoy and area was recategorized from trails and pathways to roadside mowing. Needs to be mowed on a more regular basis.
  • 5885 Robert Oliver Place Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    Large amount of standing water, like a pond after every rainfall. No where for the water to drain. Takes up 1/2 the roadway at an intersection into the village of Oakland Mills. This is hazardous.
  • Thunder Hill Road And Route 175 Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    The traffic signal at 175 and Thunder Hill Road - timing is off. When traveling south on Thunder Hill to cross 175 the timing of the signal only lets two cars through the intersection. This morning it turned yellow/red after just one car. Please pass this along to the appropriate department to look into.
  • 6100 Gatsby Green Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    Street sign for Gatsby Green is so faded that you can not read the street name. Poses a significant danger if there were an emergency. Needs to be replaced. Thank you.
  • 5465 Treefrog Place Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    Road surface is separating from rolled curb and causing a trip hazard.
  • 5461 Treefrog Place Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    Rolled curb and roadway have separated causing a large gap and trip hazard. This is bad in front of 5461 and 5465 Treefrog Place.
  • Tree in Road Archived
    Oakland Mills Road Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    Fallen tree in roadway
  • Lake To Lake To Lake Trail -Multi Use Path At Stevens Forest Road Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    Light pole is down at the entrance to the Multi-Use path which crosses Route 29 AT Stevens Forest Road.
  • 5820 Robert Oliver Place Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    Broken ballard along the sidewalk/roadway of Robert Oliver Place, a county Right of Way, across the road from the Robert Oliver Place RTA Bus Stop.
  • 5500-5512 Thunder Hill Road Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    The Pedestrian Crossing Pedestal was knocked down on the pedestrian island on Thunder Hill Road for the Thunder Hill Road/175 crossing. This is a large metal pedestal which has a button to push. Needs to be replaced as soon as possible.
  • 5490-5492 Halflight Garth Columbia, Maryland - Columbia

    On Halflight Garth residents of that street are parking trucks close to the each corner of Halflight and Treefrog (well within 15 feet of corner) and it makes it impossible to see cars in either direction when turning off of Treefrog.

    The same problem exists on the North corner of Halflight and Phelps Luck Drive

    These locations have caused sight distance issues for those who live in the community.

    Can you County install signs - DO NOT PARK FROM HERE TO CORNER on Halflight at Treefrog and Halflight at Phelps Luck (north side).

    Thank you.

  • 5576-5598 Oakland Mills Road Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    Port O Potty left at that location for weeks - County workers have finished the curb work in that area and are no longer there. Please have someone remove the Porto Potty as soon as possible. It's an eyesore in our community.
  • 5851 Robert Oliver Place Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    2 Bollards have separated from their bases as shown in the attached picture . (Please note that when someone comes to fix them they are TEMPORARILY upright in place but not attached.)
    They are there to prevent cars from driving on the pedestrian sidewalk. Please see if this can be addressed asap. It is a HOWARD COUNTY RIGHT OF WAY on Robert Oliver Place. This may be a public works department issue.
  • 6019 Jacobs Ladder Columbia, Maryland - Columbia

    Lots of water coming from a drain pipe that runs from Camelback Road to behind 6019 Jacobs Ladder.

    Lots of flowing water

  • Twin Knols Place Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    Plastic bags w/clothing are overflowing into the public right of way and roadway on Twin Knolls Road. The items are from a ST JUDE collection bin. Please clean up the area and contact owner of bin to have the bin removed. It's an eyesore in the community.