• Pothole Open
    1015-1045 Central Expressway South Richardson, Texas - Richardson
    Southbound Central Expressway frontage road about 10-20 yds before W Arapaho Rd right turn lane
  • 12505 Lebanon Road Frisco, Texas - Frisco
    westbound Lebanon Rd left lane. several btw Coit and Hillcrest old ones needing refill or new ones. all in left lane
  • 1901-1923 Hedgcoxe Road Allen, Texas - Kittyhawk
    Westbound Hedgcoxe left lane just before traffic light at Duchess Dr. Spalling of concrete
  • 710 Franklin Drive Allen, Texas - Kittyhawk
    Eastbound Hedgcoxe Rd 50-75 yrds east and west of Franklin refills/repaving needed.
  • Hedgcoxe Road Allen, Texas - Kittyhawk
    Cracked pavement in right turn lane prior to right turn south on Alma Dr. Two cracks close together.
  • 2100 Lakeside Boulevard Richardson, Texas - Richardson
    Numerous potholes/long cracks btw Campbell Road and entrance to Texans Credit Union northbound and hotel southbound to Campbell
  • 12560 Lebanon Road Frisco, Texas - Frisco
    Westbound Lebanon left lane btw 10-50 yds from Coit old and new potholes
  • Pothole Open
    101 Warren Parkway Frisco, Texas - Frisco
    Westbound Warren Pkwy left/left turn lanes approaching Preston Rd; long cracks in pavement