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  • 400-600 George Street New Haven, Connecticut - West River
    Due to the lush green branches on all the trees lining George Street, the street is extremely dark at night as the lighting from street lamps is blocked. Trees along Day Street near the George Street intersection are also blocking a light there. Would love to see trees trimmed so they could allow the light to flood the streets and sidewalks. What's the point in having street lights if they aren't reaching the street? Better lighting equals less crime and safer streets. Please help!
  • 106 Day Street New Haven, Connecticut - West River
    The property at 542/544 George Street has just invested over $60k on a roof renovation, but unfortunately there are furry little critters destroying sections of the roof. Squirrels are gaining access to the roof by the trees located along the Day Street section of the property. These branches are also very close to the third floor unit's windows. The branches/trees could use a trimming to prevent the branches from hitting the house and allowing destructive animals from ruining the new investment. Thanks!!
  • George St And Orchard St New Haven, Connecticut - West River
    There is a man hole cover that is not marked in any way, shape, or form that is very deeply recessed. I'm just happy my tire didn't fall off when I ran over it! This needs to be marked appropriately or fixed immediately before someone has a serious issue with it. It's located just prior to the Orchard/George Street intersection in front of the George Street Parking Garage. Thanks!!!
  • 62-120 Day Street New Haven, CT 06511, USA - West River
    Cars are parked at the corner of George and Day and prevent plows going down Day and block traffic on George. These cars needs towed ASAP!
  • 62-120 Day Street New Haven, CT 06511, USA - West River
    Folks taking action and digging out Day Street!! Pretty amazing stuff and wanted to share it!
  • 62-120 Day Street New Haven, CT 06511, USA - West River
    Please plow Day St!!! I can't even imagine that an emergency vehicle could make it up the street. Don't forget about us!!!!
  • 62-120 Day St New Haven, CT - Waverly Street Townhouses
    Every snowstorm, Day Street in New Haven has to wait 24-36 hrs AFTER the snow falls before any plowing is completed on this street (if it's plowed at all). It's understood that this street may not be a priority, but not being able to leave your house because the city neglects your street repeatedly over and over each snowstorm is getting a bit ridiculous. I have an all-wheel drive vehicle and I barely made it up the street to my parking lot. Please, don't forget about us!!
  • Dead Branches Archived
    120 Day St New Haven, CT - West River
    This tree is at the edge of the parking lot for the property on 542/544 George St. by 120 Day St. Several dead branches of the tree are hanging on for dear life, and could fall with a good, strong wind. The tree look relatively healthy-not sure if the entire tree should be removed? Several of the other trees that go along Day towards George may need trimmed as well, as they are hitting the house and interfering with power-lines. Thanks!!
  • 542-550 George St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - West River
    The sidewalks in front of 542/544/550 George St and alongside 542 George and Day St are in poor condition, with tree roots sticking up creating an uneven and potentially dangerous situation. There are holes that are a tripping hazard as well. The sidewalks on the neighboring three corners are in good/excellent condition, but this corner looks very out of place. These sidewalks need replaced and repaired.
  • 62-120 Day St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - West River
    Last summer and this past winter, several "light the night" installations were made, increasing light on George St and Day St. The trees alongside the property on the corner of George and Day are blocking this light and keeping the sidewalk and property in the dark. There has been a recent string of incidents, including vandalism and theft and more lights are being installed. If the trees block the light, then their light goes to waste. Also, old branches are falling into the sidewalk during inclement weather and large branches are intertwining with the wires. These trees need to be trimmed to allow light to pass, and prevent a branch from falling or taking down a powerline.