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  • 2903 Foothill 3002 Foothill Blvd., Oakland, California - Sausal Creek
    There are litter cans situated on these 2 corners that should be relocated to the bus stops on Foothill/Frutivale Blvds. Trash is left on the streets for lack of litter cans where riders get off/on the buses. Presently cans are located across the street from those bus stops. Also there are 2 cans on the NE corner of Frutivale/Foothill Blvds.
  • Foothill Blvd. & Fruitvale Oakland, California - Sausal Creek
    The litter containers at this intersection are located at corners opposite of where they need to be. There are no containers at the #40 bus stops and trash is strewn about the streets constantly. The public needs trash cans nearby, NOT across the street from the bus stops. I am requesting the relocation of this cans.
  • 3232 Foothill Blvd. Oakland, California - Patten
    Please reopen #828253. Initial report 7/23/18. No action taken as of this date.
  • 3232 Foothill Blvd. Oakland, California - Patten
    Two "BigBelly" trash cans on the sidewalk east side of Foothill Blvd., in front of Walgreens, seem to be always full. The trucks that empty other street trash cans ignore these two. Dirty and ugly with trash spilling out. It has 'sponsored by' painted on the side. Please put these cans on the emptying schedule. Thank you.
  • Other Archived
    Lake Merritt Pedestrian Bridge Oakland, CA - Civic Center
    As of July 28, 2015 there are still 42 locks in various spots on the bridge. I reported this 6 months ago. It needs periodic lock removal or else these "lovers" will continue to put locks. Paris France has put a stop to this.
  • Other Acknowledged
    Lake Merritt Boulevard Oakland, California - Civic Center
    The pedestrian bridge has started to accumulate "love locks" like the bridge in Europe. So called 'lovers' will put locks with their initials and date and secure the lock on the bridge. Now it is starting in Oakland's Lake Merritt. Please get someone to snip these locks off NOW before they start to 'reproduce.' This is an asinine way to profess your love by destroying public property.