Rank: Heman Civic Points: 5,180
  • Pothole Closed
    618 E 33rd St Houston, TX 77022, USA - Northwest
    pothole at intersection of mccomb, e 33rd and link
  • 1017 Heights Blvd Houston, TX 77008, USA - Greater Heights
    all lights flashing red at 11th and heights all directions
  • Drainage Acknowledged
    339 W Crosstimbers Rd Houston, TX 77018, USA - Northwest
    High water on both sides of cross timbers
  • Street Hazard Acknowledged
    147 S Macgregor Way Houston, TX 77030, USA - Medical
    limbs in street, blocking right lane
  • 459-479 W Crosstimbers St Houston, TX 77018, USA - Northwest
    eastbound crosstimbers, left lane. white cat with patches of gray stripes
  • 1015-1021 W Gray St Houston, TX 77019, USA - Montrose
    all directions red
  • 900-950 Studemont St Houston, TX 77007, USA - Rice Military
    orange cat in right lane
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    3201-3229 Chenevert St Houston, TX 77004, USA - Midtown
    giant pothole Northbound right lane of Chenevert before Elgin. this is next to a school.
  • 1601-1625 Alabama St Houston, TX 77004, USA - Midtown
    flashing red everytime it rains, issue was closed yesterday. flashing again today at 340pm
  • 6410 Fannin St Houston, TX 77030, USA - Medical
  • 3201 San Jacinto St Houston, TX 77004, USA - Midtown
    east bound Elgin at San jacinto pedestrian signal displays incorrect countdown, sometimes from 65 then the light turns to do not cross
  • 3200-3238 Chenevert St Houston, TX 77004, USA - Midtown
  • 102 Cavalcade St Houston, TX 77009, USA - North
  • Greater Heights Houston, TX, USA - Greater Heights
    Water fountain at Heights and 7th is clogged and contains standing water.
  • 4141-4199 West T C Jester Boulevard Houston, TX 77018, USA - Northwest
    Water fountains at TC Jester Park near bathroom are clogged and contain standing water.
  • Pothole Archived
    3406-3498 Cortlandt Street Houston, Texas - Northwest
    Northbound lane of Cortlandt before E 35th. Sinkhole forming
  • 107-299 East 36th Street Houston, Texas - Northwest
    Heavy trash came and cleared everything but tires at this site in Thursday, April 20. Saturday a new pile of trash appeared.There are still 20+ tires along E 36th.
    This is an ongoing problem for the 15+ years I have been in the neighborhood.
  • 3401-3607 West 34th Street Houston, Texas - Northwest
    Flashing red
  • 7317 North Main Street Houston, Texas - Northwest
    School zone sign with lights knocked down in apparent car accident
  • 1441-1479 West 43rd Street Houston, Texas - Northwest
    The flashing school zone lights in front of Oak Forest are not working. This is East boind, nearest cross street is Chamboard. There is an entrance to Oak Forest near this sign. Drivers see the lights out and speed up right before 2 major school crosswalks.