City of Corona, CA

  • 911 Cornerstone Circle Corona, California - Corona
  • 1418 Chalgrove Corona, California - Corona

    SCF #2513769 referred to Public Works however, street needs temporary repairs completed as soon as possible.

    Cracks, holes, uneven pavement. Really bad. Street has 100 or more cars traveling up and down the street a day. NEEDS FIXING NOT PATCHING LIKE THE CITY WORKERS DID 1 YEAR AGO. There also in need for a speed bump or a stop sign. Vehicles turning onto Chalgrove Dr from border are even traveling faster than speed limit. The road conditions will cause drivers to loose control

  • 1833 Ellington Drive Corona, California - Corona
    Previous SCF 1231843 noted that the tree was removed but the sidewalk had not been repaired. Please repair the sidewalk which was caused by the street tree.
  • Foothill/Fullerton Corona, California - Corona
    There are three broken sprinklers along Foothill, east of Foothill. I counted from the corner and it was approximately number 35, 36, and 37. The heads are off and when on shoot like up like crazy. They are on the south side of Foothill.
  • Jameson Park Corona, California - Corona
    there is a broken sprinkler at Jameson Park.
    If you are standing on Foothill, it is the third sprinkler along the eastern wall. It is broken and is a geyser in the mornings.
  • 1709 Rimpau Ave Corona, California - Corona
    Graffiti on sidewalk at pedestrian traffic signal just north of Baywood on west side on Rimpau.
  • 1300-1378 W Parkridge Ave Corona, California - Corona
    Graffiti on side walk on east side of lincoln just south of Parkridge. Purple and black paint.
  • 1204 Magnolia Ave Riverside, California - Corona
    There is graffiti on the utility poles on the south east corner of Magnolia and Rimpau.
  • 12222-12266 Bellegrave Ave California - US Congressional District CA44
    There is water leaking out of the hand hole in deep left field on field B.
  • 414 W. Grand Corona, California - Corona

    On behalf of Post office landscape Grand Avenue (Guest)

    The landscape and grounds are in embarrassing condition. Had friends visiting from out of town and they thought it looked like a total dump.