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  • 10199 Skyline Boulevard Oakland, California - Joaquin Miller Park
    Directly across from the entrance to Sequoia Bayview Trail, but maybe 10 or 20 feet downhill, there are two couches dumped on the downhill side of skyline Boulevard.
  • Park - Sign Archived
    Dimond Canyon Trail Oakland, CA 94602, USA - Glenview
    sign about dogs remaining on leash is broken in half. Entrance to stream trail of Dimond Park above el Centro
  • 4028 Canon Ave Oakland, CA 94602, USA - Glenview
    fence post down
  • Park - Plumbing Acknowledged
    3853 Lyman Rd Oakland, CA 94602, USA - Oakmore
    One of the first things you see after walking into Dimond Park is this broken watering fountain. Can you please either repair or remove.
  • 4831 Tidewater Ave Oakland, CA 94601, USA - Arrowhead Marsh
    There is a speed bump here at the Tidewater boating center, which is either on the Bay Trail, or on a connector used by many bicycles to get on it. This speedbump is short and severe, in the shadow of a tree, and its paint is completely worn off. I hit it without seeing it, and almost fell off my bike in a way that would like have caused me to break an arm, wrist, or my skull. I barely managed to hang onto my handlebars. I spoke to an East Bay parks employee here who said that she has seen three people crash there on bicycles and has had to administer first aid to some of them. This is an immediate and urgent issue to have this repainted to avoid injury to bicyclists. It also, longer-term, should be made into a longer broader speedbump so that if a bicyclist doesn't see it they don't wreck.
  • Address Unavailable - Oakmore
    The Stream Trl. in Dimond Park has several pieces of lumber/plywood in the stream, and alongside the path.
  • Other: Trees Archived
    2931 Burdeck Dr Oakland CA - Woodminster
    On Burdeck where it is a bike/ped path, there is a tree that is down and would require a bicyclist or pedestrian to have to duck underneath it to get past. Please remove.
  • Address Unavailable - Adams Point
    This is the closest drinking fountain to the farmers market and the playground. It has only a little trickle of water that comes out of it. Can you have somebody adjusted so that it is more usable?
  • Address Unavailable - Union City
    There are two signs in the bike lane, which create a hazardous situation for bicyclists you have to leave the bike lane and enter into 35 mile an hour traffic in order to get past them. Please fix and put the sign someplace where they are not in bicycle traffic.
  • 18 East 8th Street Oakland, California - Peralta-Laney
    Adjacent to the baseball field here there is a bikeway sign that is inside a heavy chainlink fence, making it very difficult to see at all, and pretty much impossible to see from the street. It should be set into the sidewalk, or some other place where it will be visible to cyclists heading west on 8th. This is a fairly important sign since it flags the non-obvious bike path to cross the estuary to the northeast. I only found the sign (and the pathway it marks) because I was using Google Maps which told me to turn.
  • 2998 Otis St Berkeley, California - South Berkeley
    All along Ashby, below MLK, there are signs advertising some photo developing place, all attached to public posts, mostly bus stop signs. On Shattuck, between University and Ashby, a person running for Judge has attached signs to all street signs (won't be voting for her). Seems like defacement of public property to me, especially the commercial advertisements.
  • 2100 E 21st Street oakland, ca, Oakland, California - East Peralta
    E 21st Street and 21st Ave are both bikeways -- E 21st is a bike lane, 21st Ave a bike boulevard. I live in the upper Dimond, so this is how I bike to and from downtown. Coming home (i.e., heading south on E 21st St) I frequently miss the turn to go up (i.e., east) on 21st Ave. Please put in a bike route sign at this intersection indicating direction and distance to Dimond. See video at
  • Pothole Archived
    1624-1630 E 21st St Oakland, California - Highland Terrace
    Several potholes near a bike lane in front of 1636 e 21st st
  • 13 16th Avenue Oakland, California - East Peralta
    Where the 16th Ave overpass bike lane comes to street level near the Embarcadero and goes over train tracks, on the side of the road where a bicyclist is heading towards Embarcadero, the pavement on either side of the tracks has a very large raised ridge. This pavement ridge is in the middle of the striped bike lane. The raised pavement is large enough to cause flat tires on a bicycle. I went over it this morning and BAM! BAM! two flat tires, from pinch flats, where the inner tube is pinched between the rim and pavement; it happens when a bike hits a curb or a big ridge like this. It took me a half an hour on the side of the road to fix the flats. I was late for work. This is a very hazardous feature for bikes and it is in a bike lane.