Alphonse A. Kronberg

  • 39 Clark Ave East Haven, Connecticut - East Haven
    Every day I get off the Trumbull Street off exit in New Haven off 95. I turn left onto Orange Street the road is in such poor condition its like driving on a dirt road. You cannot go over 10 miles per hour. This continues all the way to Humphrey Street. It is atrocious. For a street that is a major road heavily traveled its ridiculous. If you turn on to Bradley Street another disaster its worst then Orange. These streets have been like this for at least three months possibly more. When are they going to be repaired or aren't they. The home owners on Orange Street pay a small fortune annually for property tax and we can't even gave smooth rides to travel on. What is the problem?
  • All Streets New Haven, Connecticut - Downtown
    Why is it that we pay the highest property taxes in the state of CT and we have the worst roads. Filled with pot holes that are extremely dangerous to pedestrians and vehicles. It's like in the early 1900's when there were no roads and dirt road
    The city on New Havens administration should hang their heads in shame.
    I hope the citizens of New Haven remember come election time.