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What are these Civic Points, who issues them and how are they calculated?

Mark d

Ha, I had the same question. Anyway, if you're still checking this and didn't yet find the answer, see here:

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What is the procedure for false, retaliatory, and or harassing SeeClickFix reports?

Courtney L., Fire Admin

If you see any reports or posts that may not fit within the SCF guidelines, please flag the report. Yo...<a href="/vallejo/questions/5405-What-is-the-procedure-for-false-retaliatory-and-or-harassing-SeeClickFix-reports">Read more &#187;</a>

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Why does SeeClickFix offer abandoned vehicles on the website, if they refer you to the abandoned vehicle phone number?

Courtney L., Fire Admin

It is not necessarily "offered" on SeeClickFix. We have it as a ca...<a href="/vallejo/questions/3849-Why-does-SeeClickFix-offer-abandoned-vehicles-on-the-website-if-they-refer-you-to-the-abandoned-vehicle-phone-number">Read more &#187;</a>

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What does it mean when someone else closes your report?


Supposedly it is closed when someone acknowledges it and assigns it to either another department or internally to be fixed. It does not appear to mean that it has already been fixed which I would prefer.