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Why do DC city staff type in all caps when responding to issues on this site?


They are screaming at us because we are making them actually do work.

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How do I delete this account?

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Do you offer DC311 App for ipad? I only see you have App for iPhone.


We do not offer an optimized iPad app, but individuals can download and use the app built for the iPhone (available here:

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In DC do cars have to yield to bikes in a crosswalk, while rider is mounted?


Yes -- though actually it's the driver's responsibility to stop and give right of way, not the car's. See...<a href="/washington/questions/2125-In-DC-do-cars-have-to-yield-to-bikes-in-a-crosswalk-while-rider-is-mounted">Read more &#187;</a>

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are the "issues" viewed through this app (closed, open) only those that have been reported thru seeclickfix or are they for all 311 issues

DC is for me

I am almost certain it only shows issues that have been reported through the seeclickfix website/app